Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." - Mohandas Gandhi

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 293 & 294:

I'm a little behind, BlogLand. I think I used up so much mental energy this weekend and I was so hopped up on Adrenaline and excitement, that I am starting to crash.

I am legit tired. That may have been yesterday's Sprint WOD (more on that later)? Or the craziness that has been my return to work the last few days. Or it could be a bunch of other things that life is throwing at me that my brain is trying to handle all at once. Who knows. Needless to say, brain and body, Tired.

First, I have to comment on what has happened today. Last night, I put up my post about my first Spartan Race experience. I woke up this morning to more likes, comments, messages, emails and amazing thoughts than any one person ever deserves. It continued (and continues!) all day long. The love and support and positivity that poured out of the Internet and on to me today is like nothing I've ever experienced in my life. I started this blog simply to help me keep a record of what I was up to and how I was feeling, while trying to change my life around... I had no idea that along the way, it would touch so many of you. It baffles me constantly that the spewage that comes out of my mind, as I ramble on about getting sweaty, sitting in ice baths, or lifting heavy things is even interesting to read. Thank you for sharing your stories and experiences with me (keep them coming!). BlogLand, when the going gets tough and I want to stay on my couch, knowing that you all are out there sharing my struggles and triumphs truly does keep me going.

*deep breath*

Alright. Enough with the sappiness. Back to the getting sweaty.

TODAY was back to the routine, and Sprint WOD day. Ah yes, the day I love to loathe.

I was feeling well rested and surprisingly not sore from the weekend's race (... it was almost like I trained and was prepared!!), and was as pumped as I ever could be to torture myself on the track. My Tuesday Ladies came over, I swapped some stories about the race (both are anticipating tackling their own Spartan's this season!), and we were down to business.

The GT had advised that 400m's were not in my plan just yet; Last week was merely a bit of a test. I am apparently not headed for 400's until my time on the 200's is a little more consistent (all around 40 seconds), indicating my muscles had jumped on board with this new plan.

The light rain fell all around us (Spartans are not deterred by a bit of moisture!), and we got down to business. My feet were on fire, I was pushing hard this week. There was a new motivation and drive from within that I was feeling. It made the sprints suck just a little bit marginally less.

My sprint buddy (and direct competition!) was also in top form. We were BLAZING down the track this week (man, that curved part still sucks, though!).
Times looked like this:
Lap 1: 39.10
Lap 2: 39.24
Lap 3: 41.15
Lap 4: 41.48

WOO!!!!  That is WAY more consistent that I have been, to date. I'm really really happy with that. I definitely felt a new push this week... although, at the same time, I felt more "dead" after each lap than I have been. I'm guessing that's an indication I was pushing just a little harder. I think my new status as an official "Spartan" made me feel a little more badass. hehe!

After a our 4 laps, we owned a few heavy tire flips for good measure, and trotted back to my house for protein smoothies. Have you ever tried to jog (even 1/2 mile) after a 110% spring workout? Yeahh.... My body doesn't like that at all. I feel like a shuffling grandmother at that point.

With that mental image, I think I'll take my leave, BlogLand. I'm tired, and I've got to go slather some aloe on the sunburn from this weekend. I am apparently supposed to attend a wedding (in a dress!) this weekend.... and yeah... that's going to be a hot mess. My sunburn is crazy (I actually burned part of my race number into my arm), I have a really weird array of cuts and bruises (some pretty sizable), and there's no way I'm going to look polished and put together in a dress... considering I kinda look like I crawled through mud and over rocks for an insanely long distance..... OH WAIT.

BAHAHA. Clearly I won't be accomplishing "polished", so I'll have to just go for "badass" instead.

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