Saturday, August 13, 2011

And in the Beginning...

Welcome, Brave Readers. :-)

So, I have had quite a life changing year. I know that sounds horribly cliche, but it's the truth. Since an eye-opening picture of myself from January 2010 flipped a switch in my brain, I've lost 60 pounds, prioritized myself, learned to think more positively, started working out on a consistent schedule, and ultimate set some clear cut goals for myself for the year ahead. I figured out who I wanted to be when I turn 30 (July 2012), and am chasing down that person. I've often found that being able to look back on my progress is helpful to inspire me to move forward... hence, here's my blog to do just that.

Perhaps now would be an excellent time to state my Ultimate Goal. My thirtieth birthday present to myself, aside from a healthier me, is going to be entering (and finishing!) a Spartan Sprint Race. For the uninformed, it's a (roughly) 5K, obstacle/adventure race, not for the faint of heart. It's going to be a long road, but I've got about a year, some knowledgeable friends who're helping me along, and a whole lot of determination.

In light of all that, on to the progress blogging!

Today, I'm in the end of my 4th week of official training. Running, 3x/week (following the Couch to 5K plan, incidentally), Lifting 2x/week (series of dumb bell exercises, strung together), and 1x/week of Body weight exercises (push ups, lunges, etc.).

Well, today (Run Day!) was a milestone. It was the first time I've ever run an extended period of time (two 8 minute segments) with only a short walk in between. It doesn't seem like a whole lot, but an 8 minute run, for someone who, 4 weeks ago, couldn't run 2 minutes, is HUGE. Plus, my total run time for today was 18 minutes. Up from 10, 4 weeks ago. My next run will be the biggest challenge, though... According to the schedule, it's just one, 20 minute run. No walking. I'm a little scared, but really energized. I am amazed at what I find myself able to do these days.

I'm feeling pretty proud of myself today. I've really stuck with this, and intend to. I want that Spartan Sword next year (and all that it will represent) real bad. What's that quote about Chasing down a dream?

Anyway, until next time... I'm off to find the ibuprofen (I think my new constant state of physical being is some gradient of stiff and/or sore), do some more hydrating and keep moving!

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