Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricanapocalyspe Workout...

Spartan Shape-up, Day 39 (part 2!):

Alright, so this 'Hurricane Day' is a bit ridiculous. Just rain. Not all that windy yet... but it has still managed to be annoying enough to knock out my satellite TV, and now my internet. Thankfully, through the wonders of technology, we have mobile blogging. Onto the workout!

Today was a de facto Lifting day. I've been using heavier weights (21 pound each, dumbbells), which consequently, seems to mean that I am done in 4 circuits, instead of 5. I think that's alright though. The heavy weight, but the no-break circuits seem to be providing the same workout. I was actually reading about these DB complexes online, and it seems to be that more weight and less rounds is prime for building muscle. Excellent!

So, what'd I do today?
- 5 min jump rope w/u. Still can't get double unders, but I can at least now jump the full 5 minutes.

4 rounds of:
- upright rows x6
- high pull snatch x6
- squat push press x6
- bent row x6
- high pull snatch x6

I'm feeling pretty good about that today, particularly since I am a bit sore. I seem to have somehow strained my gluteus medius? Gluteus minimus? My low, lower back or upper butt (tmi,  right? Lol). It's hurting. I Was cringing a bit during the squat section, so I took it as a sign to listen to my body and not try to grit my teeth through a 5th round. Besides, I'm saving up some gusto for another 25 minute run tomorrow....

That said, I think I'm off to rub on some Tiger Balm (my best friend through this journey!), and relax for the rest of the day, knowing happily that even a hurricane couldn't disrupt my commitment to these training goals! Wahaha!

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