Monday, August 29, 2011

One down...

Spartan Shape-up, Day 40:

I DID IT. 30 minute run. That is my first attained benchmark on this new journey. Feeling pretty awesome about that. It went like this...
5 minute warmup walk, as usual, the it's week 7, #1, of my Podrunner intervals podcast... which calls for a 25 min. run. It was a lovely post-dinner run, it was cool out, and I was actually enjoying myself. I actually stopped looking at the time every two seconds, and just went. Which I think, incidentally, made time go by faster. Lol.
Then, I ran strong up an incline (happy to say that I even accelerated!) and hit 25 minutes.... then I suddenly realized that 25 was so close to 30... and I had the usual down-the-hill and across the parking lot to go..... so why not push for it?? (The Spartan Chicks message board has been super inspirational!) So on I ran... and ran.... and got a cramp, hardcore, in my side. 'Shiiiiit!' I said to myself, but glanced at my clock and realized I was only a minute and thirty seconds away from hitting the 30 minute mark. Cramp be damned! I probably looked ridiculous, swearing under my breath and running with one arm over my head.... But! I DID IT. 30 minutes. I'm so excited. It's the first real benchmark in progress, thus far.

I feel great though. Nothing like tangible proof that I'm actually progressing! Yes!

And, since (thanks, hurricane.) I'm still mobile blogging, I'm gonna cut this one short! Just goes to show though... if you want it bad enough...

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