Monday, April 2, 2012

The first requisite of success is the ability to apply your physical and mental energies to one problem without growing weary. -Thomas Alva Edison

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 253 - 257:

BlogLand! I KNOW... I have been neglecting you, horribly. It's been a rough week in the personal life of this Spartan in training, and in an effort to maintain my sanity, some things didn't make the cut of things to do... and updating was one of those (I still love you though!).

Let me give you a little recap, we'll catch up, and it'll all be on track again!

Day 253, Thursday: Just a plain 'ol active recovery day. Sprints a couple days before, then CrossFit the next day, left my body pretty spent. It was stretch, hydrate and roll day.

Day 254, Friday: I actually ended up going running with a co-worker, who is training for the Corporate Cup, a local 5K in mid-May. She hasn't run since last year, and is trying to get back into it, so a buddy and some friendly motivation were what she asked for. I was happy to deliver and we had a lovely 5K run after work on Friday. It was actually really therapeutic; Friday was a BAD DAY.

Day 255, Saturday:.... well. I have no excuse here. Mentally drained from the crazy, I slept in, then ran around and cleaned my house and such, before heading out for a night on the town. Sometimes, you just need to, you know?

Day 256: Sunday: Back at it! I waffled a little day, feeling a bit dehydrated from yesterday's.... festivities.... but I sucked down water all morning and committed to getting my ass in gear that afternoon. It actually turned into a REALLY nice 5.3ish mile run with my buddy-up-the-hill, complete with a few solid hills, and some sprints, just for "fun". YAY! I felt so much better after doing this one. It is amazing how getting out to my WODs has become a real mental savior for me. Old Me would've been on the couch with a book and bag of chips or something, and called it a day. Now, I lace up my shoes, and get out there and get it done.

Day 257: Monday: I can't say I did much today. I'm struggling with getting my act together right now. I'm stressed to the max, and I overslept (argh.) and missed CrossFit. I had the best of intentions to get sweaty when I got home from work, but that pretty much went to hell. I DID however, get in 63 Push Ups, courtesy of the Hundred Push Ups app. Therefore, all was not lost.

AND... the scary highlight of the day: I booked my flights and hotel for my trip to my first Spartan Race in Colorado!!!!!! EEEE!! That was pretty terrifying. 1) that means it's really close. 2) there's no backing out now. But in Spartan Race terms: Sign Up. Show Up. Don't Give Up.

With that.... It's bed time in Aja-land. I'm trying to reign in the Crazy, so everyone can get back to their regularly scheduled programming, I promise.

Tomorrow, I've got a punishing Sprint WOD on the slate for after work... with a few tire flips for good measure, I think....

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