Monday, September 19, 2011

“However mean your life is, meet it and live it.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 61:

I am pretty sure my quads, abs and possibly my hamstrings, may be a WEEE bit stiff tomorrow. Allow me to elaborate.

So, today was new workout day. I was pretty stoked to mix it up today and try out one that I had never done. It was supposed to be t-handle (like a kettlebell) swings (20 seconds swing, 10 seconds rest; 5 sets) and then Thrusters (like I have been doing). While driving home from the new job (Yay!), I do the math in my head and think to myself, "hmm... the swing portion will be like under 3 minutes. Total workout time will be like 20 mins. Can that be right?" So, I text the all-knowing GT. He simply asks me if I've done it yet. I say, "Noo....?" and then he just tells me to try it. And if 5 isn't enough sets of swings, do some more.  HMM. Okay, I think to my overly-confident self. No problemo. I can follow directions.
So, off I go to workout.

Today's WOD:
T-handle swings: 22#, 8 sets (20 sec. swing, 10 rest)
Thrusters: 21#DBs, 6 reps, 5 sets. 

Well, so, I start swinging - minding my form and focusing on the muscles I'm supposed to be working, etc. sets 1-4 weren't too bad, set 5 I broke a sweat, and set 7 and 8 were where I suddenly went... Oh HELLO quads. Hmm. After set 8, I felt that I had gone past the necessary requirement enough to test this maneuver out, and better move onto the Thrusters of Death (seriously, these are my arch nemesis. Or at least, they're in a competition with Split Squats for that title). Thus, I begin a couple of sets of Thrusters, suddenly realize how much swinging has been using my legs. Let me tell you, doing that swinging, then squatting low with 42 pounds on your shoulders and convincing your legs that they are going to "explode" up, is a reeeeaaaally hard sell.  Nonetheless, I got it done, 5 sets of 6.

And now I sit here, reminding myself to drink my damn water (WHY is hydration SO hard?), stop opening my big mouth (yes, 25 minutes was pretty good, today!), and thinking some stretching may be in order....

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