Friday, September 16, 2011

Told you I was Martha Stewart...

It's Arts and Crafts Time, Spartan-Style!

Yes, friends. I am that cool. I made my own T-handle for swings, right out of my own hardware store (Materials: about $20). The instructions I followed are HERE, in case you're interested.

Let me just tell you, when you wander into a hardware store (inadvertently wearing pink, and probably the most ridiculously trendy sunglasses I own), toting a list of materials as scattered as that... WELL, let me tell you, they look at you a little weird.
Not to be deterred, I grabbed a poor high school boy who looked semi-intelligent and enlisted his help. He asked no questions. LOL.

And now, I'm the proud owner of my own, super cool swinging apparatus, As Yet To Be Named.... and living in fear of what the GT is going to tell me to do with it.

Until Next Time,
Yours in all things badass crafty....

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