Friday, September 16, 2011

"Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyze you; they're supposed to help you discover who you are." -Bernice Johnson Reagon

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 58:

WHEW. The last 24 hours were intense. No sooner did I finish that blog post about not being a natural athlete, but doing it anyway, and finding your support system, when I was forced to put it to the test. I'll spare you the gorey details, but in a nutshell, I had part of my family corner me and lecture me on this new "extreme" workout stuff, and the "unrealistic" goals that I have, etc. It is immensely difficult to hear that from your family. Just because I have spent too much time being a couch potato, doesn't mean it always will be that way. I feel like I'm really finding myself now - and am amazing myself daily with the things I am growing able to do - and I wish they could embrace that with me. Maybe eventually they will, but until then, I've got to just do what I do, for me. That said, upon leaving the lecture, I got in my car, had a bit of a cry (because c'mon, I'm still a girl and that crap is hard to hear), and reached out to the people that I know would help. After a reassuring conversation with my GT (who has saintly patience with the mental/emotional side of all this for me), the most powerful thing came out of that.
Me: (recanting a sentiment that seem to be prominent from the family) Yes, but these activities are for other people. You know, "athletic" people.
GT: Well, that's you now.

I know that seems like a ridiculously simple thing, to many of you. But spent a lot of your life being some gradient of out of shape/chunky/heavy, and while I was 'active' at points in my life, never would I have been considered "athletic". Spend your life that way, then try (after 30 years) to see yourself in an entirely different light - despite what people close to you are saying. THAT can be a monumental challenge. However, to have someone that knows you well, that you trust, say matter of factly, that that *IS* me now is like turning on a light switch. Yeah, I guess maybe it is. Holy shit.
AND, not for nothing, but I made a comment to my Spartan Chicks, and was overwhelmed at the support-rally that I was showered with. Lesson learned: When the people in your life don't understand, or can't support you - adopt the ones that will.
A big cyberspace thank you, to my GT and the Chicks for helping me scale that particular mountain... Hopefully it's all downhill from here (or, more appropriately, uphill with a rock? lol).

ANYWAY, on to the WOD.

I was all excited because it was cold this morning, and it was going to be Run Day... and then I looked at my schedule... it's actually the dreaded Bodyweight workout day. Feeling rejuvenated, energized and just damn proud of myself for sticking to this, I decided to bust out a really solid workout today:

  • w/u 300 turns jump rope
  • Squats x 100 
  • Pushups x 70 PLUS 10 full out on my toes, not knees! 
  • Chair Dips x60 (legs out, no cheating!)
  • Calf Raises x80
  • Lunges x60
  • Scissor kicks x110
  • Ball Crunches x90
  • BURPEES x 15 (15 solid, good form ones, damnit.)
So. There we have it. A good solid, sweaty day. I may feel those squats tomorrow. LOL. I must note, a few more improvements, though: I managed 10 whole pushups on my toes - not the girly knee way. YEAH. I had a moment where I wasn't sure I was going to get back up, lol, but dug deep. ALSO, in my quest to master the Burpee of Death, I did 15. Sounds low, but considering 2 of those were really difficult for me at the beginning, I'm happy. Plus, they were 15 complete burpees - pushup, jump up, the whole bit. 

In summary, emotional mountain surmounted (for now. lol), channeled into an awesome workout, and now I must go to the hardware store for supplies........... WAhahaha.... 

Oh, and note to self: Drink more water. Geesh.

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