Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what we want most for what we want at the moment."

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 196:
(Ending week 28)

Back at it today, BlogLand! I'm not going to lie, it took everything I had to get out of bed this morning, after 5.5 hours of sleep... HOWEVER... apparently, on sheer will alone, you can do this. Before I went to bed last night, I spent some time laying there, reflecting on my goals and motivations and WTF was causing me to lose sight of those, recently.


Just background noise. Things that don't matter, shouldn't matter, things I can't do anything about, things that are constants... just noise. It's all those things that clutter your brain and make you feel stressed or anxious or rushed, or some combination there of. Most of the time, these things are superfluous. At least, for me, right now, they were. I needed to stop, and reassess. I needed to make a few concrete plans to deal with some legit Life Stuff, and then approach those plans one step at a time. There is no use projecting out all the possible outcomes and failures (because you never project the good things, do you?), because you're not there yet.

I can't say I have it all in line, yet... but I'm getting there. I feel better, calmer, more centered about most things. If I can sort of stay on this track, keep my schedule together and avoid craziness for a couple of weeks, I should be golden! (or at least better!)

Something I found and liked, today:

SO... getting up today, it was CrossFit day! As I ran out of my house this morning, I found a rainy 40 something degree morning. Hello, Winter? Happy February in Vermont? What?! ... However, it was nice not to freeze my butt off on the way to the gym.

Today's Crossfit Time looked like this:

Warm-Up: The CrossFit Warm-Up x 2
(This is a combination of 10 movements - from air squats to high knees, to jumping jacks to a few push ups.)

Today's Buy-In: Two, 1-minute Benchmarks
For these two benchmarks, I decided to try out a few benchmarks I hadn't attempted before.
First, 1 Min Row: 300M (I think I could've done more here. hmm.)
Next, 1 Min Push-Ups: 33 . T-Rex Hates Push-ups. Let's not forget that. These push ups weren't real pretty, and they were on my knees, and there were some breaks in there... but I got the job done, I think. Definitely hoping to see improvement in this number in a few months. C'mon T-rex Arms!!

WOD: 7 Rounds, for time, of:
- 7 Deadlifts (using 100# for me)
- 7 L-Pull Ups

WELL. Let's stop and talk about this for a minute. First, I was like "YAY!" because deadlifts are something I can do. I still have a little trouble gauging how much I should lift in a WOD, though. Like, this 100# deadlift was easily handled, for me. The "prescribed" weight for women was 155#, for reference. I probably should've done more, in hindsight... hmm. You know it's bad when your 7 deadlifts are the "rest" portion of the WOD.

Next, we had 7 L-Pull Ups. Yeah, so I can't do those... YET (think positive!). But instead of doing jumping pull ups to really scale it down, I tried something to challenge myself a little more: I used a heavy band to help me through pull ups. I am pretty sure I am going to sling-shot myself into the ceiling with those things, sometimes, which is why I avoid them... but it definitely challenges me a little more on pull ups. You can't "cheat" those kind of pull ups, which I notice I have to be careful of not doing during a (tired) jumping pull up (by just jumping, and not using my arms as much).

Since a pull-up, much less and L sit one, is challenging enough for me, I stuck with just the banded pull up for this WOD. I pretty much wanted to die, every time. T-rex hates Pull Ups, too. Just saying. Got it done though, in a respectable 11:07min. I am relatively unconcerned with the time, but since we wrote it down, I figured I'd include it.

Just for kicks, we also had an After Party: 100 sit-ups
I notice I'm a little better on these than I have been. Marginally. C'mon Abs of Steel!

So, I felt pretty good coming out of CrossFit today. Really glad I got there. I feel like it was essential to get myself out of this ridiculous rut. I am owning the fact that there may have to be these temporary "ruts"... but, I am happy to report that even my "ruts" were more active and healthier than Old Me a couple of years ago.

Having said that, I'm tired. Must go to bed. My days are Loooonng.

Things that are on the back of my mind for consideration (upcoming blogs, for sure!):
Taking on a GoRuck Challenge 
Finding a good 10K to Race

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