Saturday, February 25, 2012

‎"Some people see things as they are and say "Why." I dream things that never were and say "Why not." ~George Bernard Shaw

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 219:

Anyone that reads my blog regularly must regard me as mildly bi-polar, BlogLand. The truth is, I'm an emotional being (I'm a Cancer, ruled by the water and the moon... shout out to all my fellow crabs! woot woot!) and those emotions can change quickly... particularly when I'm stressed, or left to my own (non-existent) logical capabilities. And really, it's not that have crazy mood swings, it's just that I'm "emotionally spontaneous."

Having said that, Gold Star to anyone who made it through yesterday's post. It was all true, it was all honest and what I was feeling last night, but some how, having the light of day hit it (things are so different in the evening, don't you think?) made it seem a little less daunting.

Plus, although I was freaking out ("emotional spillage"), sometimes I just need to get it all OUT of my head, so that I can look at it more objectively. From a more rational standpoint, and from some exceedingly patient, unruffleable help (seriously, do you know that you're the unfailing Lighthouse for my Tiny Rowboat, on my giant, tumultuous, Emotional Sea, Muffin?), I managed to pick it all up today, and reevaluate. *deep breath*

I have made a lot of progress. I still have 70 days until my first major event. I have the tools at hand to be successful, I must just use them. I think I just needed a breakdown, to reinforce the fact that I needed to recommit 100%. I need to stop looking around at everyone else (and letting their accomplishments make me feel inadequate), realize that I am a lot more capable than I even really realize, STFU and get down to business. I have 70 days to get even more awesome.

In light of that positive upswing, I decided to re-tackle the 7 Min of Burpees challenge tomorrow, and hit 60. Improve upon yesterday's 58.
And because 7 minutes of Burpees is a new kind of hell:

Having said all of that, it's time to move on to the really mentally refreshing run I took this evening. I HAD A BUDDY!! (check her out over here at Immutable and Impossible )!! BlogLand, you have no idea what that does for a social creature like myself. I have "learned" to go it alone, run my own PR's into the ground, chase invisible finish lines and log the miles all by myself, under my own steam and motivation... but it is so much more pleasant when occasionally, you have some company.

It was a perfectly snow-tastic sort of evening. Big, heavy, wet snow fell pretty steadily (at times, quite heavily...), as I left my door around 6pm. It would be a quick (about .66 mile) run over to meet my buddy, and then off we'd be. I should mention that the "quick" .66 mile run also involved a hill sprint. Why? because there was a big hill. What makes things go by faster? Sprinting them. Seemed like a plan.

After a strong sprint, I died for a second at the top of the hill, located my buddy and off we went, looping through various areas of the pretty part of my city. The highlight: jogging the paths in a big cemetery, at dusk. No seriously, it was quiet, the paths were wide, and it was neat.....
To chitter-chatter while out and about really was a refreshing change. My legs felt good, I laughed, ran and laughed and ran some more.
We navigated a long, slow climb on the way home, and I decided I'm going to need to practice and conquer this hill. It's the one that had me almost puking in the crosswalk last week, remember? Oh yeah, Hill... I'm coming for you.

Finally, I found myself parting from my buddy and turning for home. Just .66 miles... I thought I should probably pick up the pace for this. After getting down the now-snow-covered big hill I had sprinted up earlier, I kicked it in gear and sprinted the flat 1/2 mile back to my house. I ran hard until my lungs felt like they might explode, and I ran some more. My tracker seems to think I hit around 7:30 min/mi. or 8 min/mi. at this point. Yeeehaww!! Can't keep that up over a distance, but sometimes, it just feels good to open up and leave it all out there on the sidewalk.

Upon returning home, I figured I better document this experience:

That is a snow-chunk in my hair, snowflakes falling, and an unplowed road in the background. AHHH yes.

Now, I must say, I have not been this soaked coming home from a run, in recent memory. Water-soaked. My hair was tripping, my top layers were drenched.... but it was a relatively warm evening, and I had FUN. I leaped over a hedge, dodged gravestones, did some hill sprints and got my ass in gear... what's not to love?

Total mileage for me tonight, about 3.5 miles. Total benefit tonight's run had on my mental status: Priceless.

With that, I leave you for SleepyLand, my Dears... We shall see what tomorrow will bring...

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