Sunday, February 26, 2012

“Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can - there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.” -Sarah Caldwell

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 221:

So, I'm preparing for a bit of a trip, BlogLand. In a few short days, I'll be headed out to New Orleans to get on The Rock Boat and sail around sunny, beautiful waters and listen to some great music. Live music is the heartbeat of my soul, and it feels like for the last year or so, budgetary constraints have prevented me from frequenting it like I usually would (My Life-to-Date Concert Count is current upwards of 150. Seriously.). I am anxious for the warm weather, bright sunshine and a change of pace... particularly from days like today.

It was scheduled to be Long Run Day today, which should've been around 8 miles. It was bright, seemingly nice day out, but the temperature was 15 degrees. FIFTEEN. WHYYYYY Vermont, WHYY? Why is it EVERY single Sunday that I want to do a long run, it's frigid? I was also a little concerned about maybe having a repeat of last week's hamstring debacle... And by concerned, I mean I was really actually worried. When it's 15 degrees, I could've gone running, but if my hamstring had pulled that stunt again, I most definitely would've had to actually use my phone to call for a ride, so as not to go seriously hypothermic. Sweaty/mid run body temperatures really plummet as soon as you STOP exerting like that, and the wind is icy... I know this first hand. I also haven't run any great distance since that happened... legitimate concern moved me to vetoing that activity outside today.

Instead, I ran around and did some errands, cleaned my house (my MOTHER will be stopping by to take care of my plants, etc. while I'm gone... it's gotta be ship-shape!) and tried to put together some clothes to take on my trip (BIG THANK YOU to my clothes angels who made this possible, on my tiny budget...).

However, as the night wore on, I knew I had to do SOMEthing. I can't just take a long run day and substitute it for nothing. No Excuses. Eyes on the Prize (Spartan Sprint, T-Minus 69 days???).

Well, the last few runs (since the hamstring incident), I have been noticing some tightness in the backs of my knees and hams... I need to roll and stretch more apparently. SO.... tonight seemed like a good night for Yoga.

Yes. I still hate yoga. Loathe, even. But I do recognize its value in the grand scheme of things. If doing a little yoga here and there will help me prevent some of the muscle craziness that is commonly an issue for me, I'm SOLD.  That hamstring thing was one of the most painful ouchies I've had in the last year, and I am listening to my body and learning to do everything in my power to prevent that from ever happening again!!

P90X Yoga, here we go. Now, I will say, I started real late (10pm), and contemplated ditching it all together... but I figured SOME is better than nothing. So, 35 minutes of P90X Yoga. I did most of the hard poses, and felt good and stretched. There was a ridiculous amount of snap, crackle, poppin' when I moved into Reverse Triangle. I guess this is a good thing. It felt awesome!

On which note, I feel stretched out for once (awwww yeah, hamstrings!), and am hydrating and heading off to bed. Tomorrow morning's CrossFit class looks pretty ugly (Box Jump Burpees?! WHAT!?), but I'll be up early, and getting it done, DAMNIT.

I shall leave you with my thought for today:

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