Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A winning effort begins with preparation. ~ Joe Gibbs

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 201:

I woke up stiff and sore today, BlogLand. Between Saturday's CrossFit squats, and yesterday's Long (for me) Run, my legs and hips were pretty done. I got up this morning to go to CrossFit (Triumph! I got up!), felt like my body was telling me something, and decided I needed to evaluate the situation. I checked out the CF WOD for today. It involved Heavy Over Head SQUATS. Like, today we were supposed to find our one rep max, and do a WOD involving a lot of squatting.

I swear I felt my hamstring quiver in fear.

It was one of those conflicting moments. I *wanted* to go to CF... but I heard my body saying something else. Despite whatever schedule you may have, sometimes you just need to pay attention to how you feel. So, today, I elected to mix it up a bit. After a bit of debate, I settled on...

P90X: Plyometrics.

Yeah. I willingly put myself through that. haha...

Basically, Plyo is something I know I should add in a little more frequently, but am not a big fan of (who is, really?), so I don't. Today seemed like a good day... it would get my muscles moving, pump the blood around, get the heart rate up, etc. It was going to be way less painful than going for a run, or going to heavy, weighted squat CrossFit.

... or was it? It was Plyo.

So, I popped in the DVD with much fear. You see, the last time I attempted these DVD's I was about 60#'s heavier, was not anywhere near as cardiovascularly fit, etc... it was a BAD time. I was dying, through most of it. And unable to complete most of it. Old Me put those DVD's at the bottom of the stack.
However, today, I was pleasantly surprised. I was *working*... and really glad I hadn't eaten a big breakfast... but I was keeping up with the video. KEEPING UP. Not missing reps. Not having to stop.

Little Victories, baby.

I did take a couple of the exercises down to the lower impact version, as I do sometimes have some issues with my knee and it's lack of squishy cartilage. But I committed to all the exercises and jumped, leaped, exploded and everything.

I did die inside when Jump Squats came up on the screen. By "die inside" I mean, I swear to you, I heard my quads, hams, and adductors cry out in anticipatory pain. Audibly. I swear it.
But I squatted. I pushed through it. (You can do anything for 30 seconds, right?) That is not to say I didn't wince and groan and ponder if I COULD die from the burning sensation in my legs... but....

I admit,  it did feel good to stretch it out and warm up those muscles a bit. I still hate Plyo.

BUT, victories for today: I did the whole plyo DVD without missing reps or stopping. I got up at the "early" time. I stayed on the WOD schedule, without missing a day.

YAY. One Day at a Time.

And now, I'm tired. Tomorrow, I need to bust out a cool 4 miles before work... ahhh yeaaahh....

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