Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"I’m not where I want to be, but I’m not where I was." - William Coleman

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 252:

What a day, BlogLand. I'm struggling today with a flare-up of FCS (fat chick syndrome), but trying to remain positive. I've noticed I struggle the most with bouts of FCS when Life-In-General gets a little out of control. My home/personal life has had me stressed out like crazy, I'm not entirely happy with my performance in my training, and as one thing leads to another... BOOM. Insert tiny spark for raging instance of FCS.

Spring Fling 10K, March 24, 2012
Here's what happened today. The 10K race I ran this weekend just released the pictures. I was SO hoping to have a bad ass picture to go with the feeling of badassery that I felt after completing that race in the time I did. This is the picture I got.

Now, when I look at this rationally, I see that I am laughing at the photographer, still running, and looking strong - all in the last .25 miles of my FIRST 10K (6.2 mi) race. THAT is something I should absolutely be proud of. Not to mention, if I was still pretty, after 6 miles of running, clearly I wasn't doing it right.

Having said that, as I'm sure many of you can relate, here is what I saw first: OMG, do you SEE that flab roll around the middle!!??!?  Look at the size of my CALVES?! (and back to) OMFG... is that REALLY what I'm sporting around the middle?!?! Wait, I only have one chin now, RIGHT?!... etc. etc.. etc...

I don't think you ever really get over FCS. You just learn to handle it differently. Today, I didn't do such a good job. Too much stress background noise in my life, and I let the FCS really take hold and blur a picture I should really be proud of. For comparison, let's take a look at the picture from my first 5K (10/29/11):
Kingdom Challenge 5K, October 29, 2011

There's a lot less (like at least 20-25#)  of me in my new picture (even if it was not captured at our most flattering moment). Not to mention, I am now happy to say that I have some seriously solid Quads and Hamstrings, that have made my thighs a thing to be reckoned with (squats, I own you!).  AND, not the least of my accomplishments, the first picture (you know, the one I was freaking out about), is at the end of a 10K RUN - of which I ran the whole thing. The below picture is almost to the end of a 5K run, where I had to stop and walk multiples times. The accomplishment is in the journey, BlogLand. Not in what is still to be done. There is ALWAYS work to be done, things to improve, and ways to change. The question is not what those are, but are you willing to keep working toward them. I'm still working. Proud of that. End of Story.

AND, with that, I will segue to today's WOD. I hate it, BlogLand, because it is SO hard for me right now. Hard, though, is exactly what I needed after today; when you are working to capacity, it is near impossible to continue to focus on other things or let your brain wander, because your body needs all of your brain power to get you through the task at hand. Enter Sprint WOD:

Again, a simple task: Sprint 200m, walk 200m. Repeat x4.

I did a bit of a 1/2 mile warm up jog, got my blood flowing, and my running buddy and I headed over to the track. It was great having her there, 1) for the moral support and 2) it is always nice to have company and inspiration. It worked out well, though - she'd jog on ahead and act as my "carrot" to chase. I'd sprint, catch her, pass her, and cross my finish line. It gave me a little bit more of a tangible goal.

Much like last time, my first sprint went the best (even slightly faster than last time, I think!), then they went downhill quickly from there. I struggle HARD with the second 100 meters of each sprint. But I guess that's why I'm doing this - to push my body a little bit further than it wants to go, and develop myself in a new way.
My sprint times went as follows:
Lap 1: 39.5 sec
Lap 2: 43.1
Lap 3: 45.1
Lap 4: 51.2
.... It definitely got a little ugly at the end. I just felt like I was out of gas and I was feeling nauseous. Hello, Lactic Acid Threshold.

While I'm not thrilled with those times, I'm satisfied with the fact that I did the wod even though I hate this one, it was effing cold out, and I really really really would've rather done anything else. But I did it.
My buddy and I followed it up with a nice (slooow! my legs were toast!) 1 mile cool down jog, just to keep the blood flowing.

Now, I'm sitting here blogging, after forcing myself to stay on my legs and make myself some dinner. My legs just feel exhausted. I find it totally amazing how a WOD totaling less than 5 minutes of "work" time can ruin my legs so much. Amazing. I must read up more on the concept behind sprinting. My inner science nerd needs to rationalize why I want to die right now (and at the end of every sprint!).

I am pretty sure my left quad is quivering a bit. LOL. I'm hoping to wake up in the morning feeling relatively unscathed, since I did wear my bionic pants and calf sleeves, with the thought that I could forestall some of the soreness I'm dreading in the next few days. This remains to be seen. I'm thinking there may still be a foam roller, Tiger Balm and or an Ice Bath in my future (or all of the above)....

And with that... I bid you a Goo.... ZZZZZZzzzzZZZZzzz......

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