Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Will you stop when you hit the wall... or climb right over?

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 244:

Ow, BlogLand. Ow.

It is days like this that I feel that it is my duty to confess to the reality of what changing your life, in this way, can be like. Yes, sometimes I WOD and it feels like rainbows and butterflies, because I did something awesome, or accomplished a new PR, or generally made great progress.
Some days, it is tiny gnomes, ripping my muscles apart, fiber by fiber, or beating me in my sleep with spiked clubs.
I'm sure of it.

Today, tiny gnomes. Ninja gnomes, maybe, because I never see them... I just wake up and hurt.

When we get down to the crux of the situation, you have to remind yourself, you are retraining your body to be something that it currently is NOT. Whether that's faster, thinner, stronger, more endurance... whatever it is, you're chasing down a place you are not currently at. In order for your body to get from point A to point B, you have slowly reform your body and its' systems. It's work. It's slow. It's exhausting. And sometimes, it hurts.

Yesterday, we touched on the mental pains, which are a huge portion of these transformations, and today's subject is physical pains.

Today was Rest Day for me, BlogLand. Recovery day. I woke up this morning, pondering heading to CrossFit, then saw a heavy-weight wod with some squatting, etc. and immediately vetoed that - not because I didn't *want* to, but I knew my legs needed a little time to get themselves back together from this weekend. And I FELT it.

Last night, as I went to bed, I went to my go-to treatment for persistent muscle stiff/soreness: Liberal application of Tiger Balm (it's a good thing I live alone. I am impervious to the smell now, but not everyone is... lol), and a couple of ibuprofen. Usually, after this and a good foam roll, I wake up feeling pretty decent.

Today, before I even put my feet on the floor, my quads made themselves known. As I cat-stretched in my bed, my hamstrings announced their presence. Hmm... It wasn't until I stepped onto the floor and want to walk to the bathroom, that I really was aware of my need for a recovery day. I was totally stiff and walking like a granny. My quads were pretty stiff, and my hamstrings were sore and tight. Hmm. Not good.

Let me also mention I have a desk job. One that has me literally tethered to my desk (per headset phone cord), with not a lot of opportunity for on-job movement. Do you have any idea what stiff/sore quads feel like when you get up after 3 straight hours of sitting?! lol.
I am happy to report, however, that I took 3, 15 minute walks today, in the sunshine!, with my coworkers. I call this active recovery... got my legs moving, helped get the blood flowing from all the sitting, and oh yeah, reminded me that my legs were hella fatigued.

Now, I'm on to some foam rolling, and a long sleep. Tomorrow evening, a light run is on the schedule. I should be good by then (dear body, please?!).

Dear Quads, Get your act together, we've got work to do! Love, Me.

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