Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Don’t pray for lighter burdens, but for stronger backs.”

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 75:

First, I would like to begin my issuing my sincerest apologies to the Burpee Gods. I'm SO sorry. I know I have cursed your name, laughed you off and refused to pay tribute... but I have been smited (smoten? Smote? wtf?). I have paid for my vocal transgressions, I assure you.

Apparently, putting out to the Universe that you loathe and despise something (Burpees... of Death, for example), reminds the Universe that perhaps you need further education with which to learn the appropriate life lessons around said subject. Last week, I happened to run my mouth a little more than usual about my particular dislike of the Burpee (...of Death), all the while knowing, ultimately, that I dislike them thoroughly because they are exceedingly difficult for me, at this juncture.

I might as well have waved a red flag at the Cosmos, demanding their all-knowing Wisdom, apparently. What happened? Burpees were EVERYwhere. Somehow, I got sucked into a BoD (Burpees... of Death!) weekend with one of the Spartan ladies, where all that was required was spontaneous, random, and frequent drops into a set or two of Burpees - all weekend long. She even called out my Spartan mettle, when I expressed my reluctance to participate. Thus, I Spartan'd the eff up and got my act together; 10 burpees upon rolling out of bed, 10 after breakfast, several sets while catching up on some TV on a rainy weekend, a few while waiting for dinner in the oven... You get the idea. I was proud of myself. Felt as though I had showed the Burpee (... of Death) who was boss... and went to sleep feeling good about my tiny successes over BoD weekend.

... and then I went to Crossfit today. It was another skills-building class for me, today... and guess what one of the essential moves on the list to learn was?... You guessed it: The Burpee (...of Death). So, we practiced (with the pushup, *and* without). Practiced a bit more (apparently, we're looking for a good, smooth, "flow" and some explosive core/hip action...), oh and got some more practice. THEN, we made sure to include those bad boys in our workout - because I assure you we hadn't gotten enough of them, by then. I swear to you BlogLand, by my last Burpee of today, I was kissing a sweat-puddled rubber mat, like it was the feet of a deity, hoping that I was appeasing the Burpee gods, and could be freed of the tiny hell that involved then peeling my jello-like body up off the mat ("with a core explosion!") and popping up into an enthusiastic jump and clap of triumph.

That said, here was today's Crossfit day:


  • 300m row
  • 10 reps (of pretty much everything in the gym): ball slams, dips, sit ups, squats, lunges, etc.)

Skills Building:

  • Deadlift form
  • Sumo Deadlift High-Pull form
  • Good Mornings
  • Back Squat
  • Burpees (...of Death)
  • Pull-ups/Jumping Pull ups
Official WOD:
Ladder: 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
  • Deadlifts (60#)
  • Burpees
  • Jumping Pull Ups
So, it was a good day, all around. I really like lifting. A lot. Like, an irrational amount (except when it's a front squat. I need some work there. lol.). Because of the "skills building" and "intro" nature of these classes and many of the participants in them, I was slightly less challenged than I could've been (like, a 60# deadlift feels like next to nothing, these days. Woot!). However, I took this time to really use the trainers eyes (which is a limited resource for me) and concentrate on getting my form really good. Also, I made sure to make up for the lack of challenge in some areas, by really pushing in others. When we got to the Burpees (...of Death) in the workout, for example, I pushed my self to go in one continuous flow - no rest breaks. (And holy bejeezus, I could do a fluid 10 at a time without dying. Victory!)

What I am really enthused about is being able to do a pull-up. I can't yet... but I can feel the progression. Doing Jumping Pull ups now, I feel stronger and more capable than when I tried them in the spring. Like maybe, just maybe, there is hope for a pull up in these "T-rex" arms of mine, too. 

Anyway. It was a good day. I've decided I like throwing some Crossfit in the routine here and there for a few reasons:
a) It's almost social. There are other people suffering through Burpees (...of Death!) with you. I dig that.
b) Because it's social, you have competition. I am ragingly competitive. Just when I thought I didn't have one more jumping pull up in me, the woman next to me grabbed the bar, and I'll be damned if I was going to not finish, if she was! 
c) The variety. As much as I NEED a routine and a plan for my WoD's, it's nice to occasionally hand that over and be surprised, and still get sweaty. Also, it's nice to be able to work on some things that I just don't have the equipment for, at home.
d) They're a great bunch of people. I never felt like I was the crazy out of shape one, and no one ever questioned why I wanted to learn to Olympic lift, or anything like that. Jumping on boxes with weighted vests was a normal activity. I found Crossfitters (at least this bunch) to be pretty all-inclusive. I got cheered on by another member today, through my last couple of Burpees (...of Death), for example. 

SO... That was my Day today. I'm feeling brain-tired, and I've still got some things to do for today before I sleep (bed, you are SO far away...), but I completed my food log, logged my WoD, and all is right with the world. 

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 75, attacked and conquered.

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