Monday, October 31, 2011

‎"If I advance, follow me. If I stop, push me. If I fall, inspire me."

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 102:

Today got all wonky, BlogLand. Seriously, it was crazy time. I was up real late last night, I didn't sleep... tried to sleep in this morning a bit, but then the whole day just sort of went crazy. During my planned WOD time, I was apparently sound asleep in a chair at my Mom's. Unfortunately, time doesn't stop for anyone... and if I work out post-9pm, I'll never sleep. True story. I've tried it. Just going to have to go a little longer/harder in the morning.

However, I did make some interesting decisions and resolutions today.
I came to the distinct conclusion that something needed to change, specifically regarding what I'm eating. As I mentioned yesterday, I was tossing around the idea of no-carbs, or something to that effect.... unfortunately, despite my vast knowledge of generally useless information, nutrition-related topics are limited. Particularly when it comes to structuring a new weight-loss plan that will get the scale moving for me again, while still providing me enough nutrients to fuel a hearty work-out schedule.

So, when in doubt, ask the experts. I sucked it up, admitted I needed some help, and put my questions out there... and the experts responded mightily. After some further Googling on my part, and exchanges with some people in the know, I've reached The Plan.

The Plan is going to be (not-so) affectionately termed "No Bread"... but is technically the Michi's Ladder concept. In practice, this is pretty well no-carbs; no bread, pastas, refined sugars.... stick with lean proteins, veggies, some fruits, sweet potatoes.

The Task: Maintain the No Bread for 50 days.

... a person could do anything for a finite amount of time, right? I mean, I've been doing this Spartan Shape-Up for 102 days now... Surely, some of the conquests associated with that (running, I'm looking at you) are more difficult than No Bread for 50 days?

So, WHY subject yourself to this kind of soul-sucking torture, you may ask? (and yes, to a person who loves a good potato, and baking adorable cupcakes, it is a bit soul-sucking)
Well, it's just time. I've done all I know how to do through conventional "eat better" and "watch your portions" and "get exercise" plans.... But the scale is stuck, and I've somewhere around 45-50# to go to reach a "healthy weight".  So, time for something new, and something more drastic, perhaps. I *know* that carbs play too-big of a part in my eating habits.... that's a socialized in thing (my Mom loves nothing more than a good half a bag of Ruffles with her movie, and my Dad is a meat and potatoes sort...), as well as a behavior that I haven't had to really address up to this point. But now, I feel that it's holding me back, as the extra weight I'm carrying is hampering my forward progress.

SO. Time to change. If the key is to go No Bread for 50 days and get the metabolism fired up again, then so be it.

I outright refuse to be suffocated by this current weight, because of a SLICE OF BREAD. 

So there. Puts it in perspective doesn't it? It also goes back to that "how bad do you want it" mantra. Do I want fitness MORE than I want to sleep in an extra hour? Do I want weight loss MORE than I want that potato? Do I want to have the long-term memory of succeeding at goals that I set for myself, MORE than I want the short-term satisfaction of sleeping in, or eating a cookie?

When do we start, you ask? (also phrased as, "When should I run screaming for the hills and stay as far away from Aja, who is real vicious and probably in carb-withdrawls") WELL. Currently, my cupboards and fridge are not appropriately stocked for this plan. That's going to have to wait until the way home on Paycheck Thursday (ahh, I love that day.). In the next few days, though, I'm going to try and limit the carbs as much as possible, to ease the transition, and spend some time planning snacks, etc. and reading up on my undertaking... I intend to go full-on, No Bread, on Friday, November 4th. Incidentally, that puts me at 50 days on December 23rd. I am pretty sure that an *excellent* Christmas present to myself, would be myself - quite a bit lighter.

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