Thursday, October 13, 2011

“If you aren’t going all the way, why go at all?” ~ Joe Namath

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 85:
(Week 13, Day 1)

So, just another day in the neighborhood today... Although I did run across this quote (to the left) that I liked.

Today was a Swing/Lift Day. I kind of love these days, oddly enough. I've missed them, because I've had to sub in my Crossfit OnRamp classes (almost done with those!) for the Lift/Swing days. I've determined that I really do like t-handle and/or kettlebell work though. Swinging just maintains more of an air of "fun" even when I'm working real hard. It is amazing how quickly doing tabata swings can really get you puffing. I was pushing today, to try and work out some of regular work-frustration, while still trying to maintain good form. That, dear BlogLand, is harder than one may think. It's real temping to round your back, etc. when trying to go fast and get in more swings.

Today's WOD:

  • T-Handle tabata swings, 22#,  9 rounds
  • Thrusters (22# db's), 6 reps, 8 sets
Good times. Although, thankfully, I did the Thrusters first as they just kick my ass. If you do those as straight-through as possible - like minimize the time between sets - you will feel the burn, for sure. My quads say, "Hello!". LOL

Tomorrow, is Rest Day. Ahhh. 

Although, just a shout-out... My thoughts will definitely be with the Hurricane Heat'ers who are Spartan racing tomorrow night in Chicago - under the pink lights! I wish I could be there (damn real job. grr.). I can't imagine the awesomeness. As much as I'm excited to cross my own Spartan Finish Line ("...You'll know at the finish line."), I'm more sad that I don't get to meet up with all the awesome Spartans that I've met virtually in the last few months. The community feeling is impressive, for a international organization. Really, one of the things I'm looking forward to the most as the races get closer to the Northeast, is going - even if only to spectate/volunteer - and getting to meet and put faces to many of the people who have supported me during tough days in workout land, or unknowingly been inspiration to keep me going. 
My heartiest "AROO!" to any of my Spartan's reading!

In homage to the midwest race, I think perhaps I'll have to run around with my rock, or hike it to the top of a mountain this weekend! 

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