Saturday, October 22, 2011

You must do the thing you think you cannot do. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 94:

Just a quick update today, as I'm not feeling in the chatty mode, BlogLand....

Foot is still ouchy. Tennis ball rolled it, took some ibuprofen and taped it up... Hoping for a speedy recovery. Oh, and I took this as a good excuse to buy some new shoes. Didn't get the Pumas that I really wanted, but scored a nice pair of Saucony's that feel much better on the foot. I think for a little bit, while this heals (or gets less inflamed, or whatever the hell is going on) I'm going to have to wear the squishier shoes. Dear Inov8's, I still love you best. Promise.

Today was a Swing/Lift workout. Done fast, no more than 10 sec breaks, and got real sweaty:

  • T-handle swings: 25#, 9 sets (20 sec swing/10 sec off)
  • DB Thrusters: 22# DB's, 6 reps, 9 sets
Nothing too major, but got sweaty, got the heart rate going, and didn't hurt the foot any more (You'll note I did skip the jump rope warm up, in favor of some stretching...). 

And.... I think that's all. Tomorrow, I'm hiking/rock throwing with a potential new Spartan chick. She thought the rock throwing up a mountain sounded like fun......... WAHAHAHA. 

Pictures from the top, promise! :-)

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