Monday, November 28, 2011

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” ~ Woody Allen

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 131:

Getting my head back in the game today, BlogLand. It's a new day, a new week, and a refreshed outlook. Sometimes, I believe, you have to hit a low to be able to appreciate the highs.
This morning, I crawled out of bed at O'Dark Thirty (6am), and headed off to the gym - mostly awake. Ish.

I must say, yesterday's ice bath and handful of Ibuprofen really helped the situation, I think. My legs are feeling pretty good today. Lesson of the day: Listen to your Body! It knows best. However, I will say, I did order some compression sleeves for my calves (since this is a chronic problem), in hopes that I can take the ouchiness down a notch - particularly with the increased running schedule.

That said, CrossFit morning!
It looked like this:
Warm Up: 3 Rounds Of.....
  • 500 M Row/Ski
  • 15 Wall Balls (10# ball)
  • 15 Burpees

What's that quote? "Your 'workout' is my warmup." ... I kept thinking that, as I powered through this. I have to say, the last 500m row was kicking my ass. I will say though, I got a helpful Burpee-hint from the trainer today: WIDE STANCE. Wide stance as you flop down (and jump back in and up), makes the movement more efficient. You are having to move your body a shorter distance. This little tip made doing burpees a *slightly* less grueling task - and made me feel just a little more competent doing it. 

Workout20 Min AMRAP Of.....
  • 3 Power Snatches (40#)
  • 3 Pull-Ups (Jumping Pull ups, still)
  • 6 Push-Ups (On my knees, but elbows in!)
  • 9 Box Jumps (16" box)

Thankfully, I'm not dead yet. Power Snatches are a challenging movement for me - for some reason, my body has to really think to make that movement correctly. Full hip extension is key - not muscling up with your arms, which I am want to do. Managed to own them pretty damn well though, under the watchful eye of Alan (today's CF instructor). It certainly makes you feel pretty strong when you pop that weight over your head. Rawr. 
Jumping pull ups are still a work in progress.... although I do have *much* more control on the 'down', so hopefully those muscles are coming. One day, I will pull-up. Push-ups were also feeling okay today - maybe it's because there was only 6 at a time? I really concentrated on keeping my elbows in (think military style), rather than flaring out with a wide stance.
Just to round out each round, we had box jumps. Ah, box jumps. I love hate you. There's nothing complex about them - jump onto box, stand up completely. But after 20 minutes, I SWEAR to you those boxes grow. LOL. 

Nonetheless, 10 full rounds completed in 20 minutes. Aroo!

Oh yeah, and just because CrossFit is aimed at everyone's inner masochist, there was an "Afterparty"! 
What's that, you say? Well, after you've done a warm up that would cause most people to head home, then powered through a workout that is not for the faint of heart, THEN... just for FUN, you bust out the "afterparty" if you think you have it in you. 
Today, it was an 800m Run. ("just" a 1/2 mile). 

Did I do it?....... Yes! Ran the whole thing, no stops, back and forth  with another chick in the class who is totally bad ass (seriously, she busts out ring dips and pull ups like they're nothing). It was interesting, she was asking me all about my training for my Spartan Race in the summer... It was fun to talk about the sorts of things I'm up to, working towards, etc. and have someone have a genuine interest. Think I might be able to talk her into becoming a Spartan this year. Aroo!

THEN, as we finished our outdoor 800m - on a balmy 50 degree morning, I came in and died. I mean, stretched. LOL. 

Not. Dead. Yet. Rawr. 

Good times! Tomorrow, we run! 

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