Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they've got a second." ~ William James

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 123:

Well, what a few days it has been BlogLand. Perhaps you've noticed my absence? Without going into details, we'll leave it at this: Food Poisoning. NOT a good time. Saturday was also my BFF/Roommate's wedding to contend with. Wrecked havoc with my workout schedule, for sure.

However! Today was Long Run Day, and I was determined to get back on track. Off I headed, with the thought that perhaps I should try and do a little bit further than I had been doing (4.38mi), and my mind got "5 miles" in it... Having never run that distance, I had no idea what to expect, but I figured if I could do 4.38, then 5.0 wasn't THAT much more.... right?

It was a really grey, northeastern winter day here... except it wasn't all that cold. The *rain* (yes, rain, not snow... it IS November, isn't it?) was a big brisk, but it was cooling and kept my temperature down. I HATE being hot.

Today's Run looked like this:
Time: 58:20 min. 
Distance: 5.04 mi.
Ave Min/Mile: 11:34 min/mi.

Yes folks, FIVE MILES. Woot! I will admit, I definitely had to walk a few times during the course of that... However, I can see that my legs/body are getting on board a bit more with this whole running thing; I am able to run much longer distances without having to take a break. I still haven't quite gotten to a 5K distance without walking (it's only TINY walk breaks, but still.), but it's on my *soon* to-do list. However, over the 5 miles, I probably only took maybe 5? 20-second breaks. I'm okay with that, for NOW. I really want to get to 3 straight miles with no break... and I'm getting there.... I think that's going to be my next mini-goal. Maybe on one of my "short" 3 miler morning runs, I'll get there this week. I can physically do it, I'm sure... just need to get the mental on board. I'll have to channel Sergeant Sedlak for the mental inspiration. :-)

For the most part, it was alright... it was really just the last mile or so that was tough. But, I just tried to play over a bunch of positive thoughts, and inspirational stories in my head, and keep my legs moving. Got the job done, despite it being not so pretty.

In other news, No Bread is going pretty well. Down another 3.5 in the last 9 days. And yes, I am well re-hydrated and all that, so it was not a factor in my weigh in. I am pretty excited. I saw a number on the scale this morning that I haven't seen in... Well, I can't remember the last time I saw it. Yeehaw! I will say that I'm still struggling in the "snacking" area. That is a tough one to fill... typically I would go for popcorn, or tortilla chips and salsa... but alas. It is not to be. However, I tried something new tonight: I roasted Chick Peas in a little EVOO, salt & pepper and paprika. There is clearly a technique to be refined here, as a) I almost lost an eye to a popping (literally, like popcorn) chick-pea, and b) there is a FINE LINE between still cooking to get crunchy, and burning. I just caught my poor peas before they got there. Some of the outside ones got a little... ahem... "blackened" (I meant to do that, right? lol), but the rest are pretty good. I may have to make these in some quantity, as they do seem to fulfill the salty-crunchy need.

And with that, I must leave you for the comfort of my bed. I have an EARLY Crossfit class (it starts at 6:45am.), and I have to pack a whole ton of food, as won't get back home until 7:30 pm. Yikes.

Oooo... but I totally ordered myself a Spartan Race hoodie today, so these early mornings out into the cold and venturing to Crossfit should at least be *marginally* less unpleasant. haha (it looked so warm! I couldn't help it!)

OH!!! AND. I totally just registered for my 2nd 5K run, ever. Yep. Got the bug. I'm running a Santa 5K near me. Everyone is required to run in a Santa suit. How epically fabulous and yet ridiculous is that going to be? I couldn't pass it up. Registered.

I'm also looking into a couple more 5K's for December, but official registrations wait to be seen... Still in the planning phases there.

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