Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm going to work so that it's a pure guts race at the end, and if it is, I am the only one who can win it." --Steve Prefontaine

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 112 & 113:

It's going to be a quick one tonight (don't I always say that, right before I start rambling on?), BlogLand, as I am tiiiiired.

Yesterday (Day 112) was a bit frustrating. I decided it was another round of Bodyweight exercises day... did a few squats, and moved onto pushups, got halfway down the second one and *OW*, my shoulder blade felt like someone knifed it. (As an aside, I was pretty impressed with myself when I realized that when that had happened, I immediately picked that hand up, and was able to smoothly finish that half a push up one handed. Silver lining?) I'm not sure if this particular thing has come up during my Blog time, so I'll give you the short version:
I have a temperamental "trigger point" in my right shoulder blade/back muscle area. Apparently, a trigger point is where a bunch of muscles meet and attach together. Mine is somewhat temperamental and ensconced in a lot of scar tissue. The doc tells me this could've been a one-time thing that I hurt, but because it never fully healed correctly, I got scar tissue... in addition to the fact that initially I didn't have enough muscle buildup in my supporting muscles (lower traps) to balance out the shoulder stuff.... and one thing leads to another, and I get a major ouchy in my shoulder. How did I discover this? Well. It's in my right shoulder, and I used to work at a bank. Think about that. Reaching and counting money out right handed, all day. It apparently aggravated this. Then I lost my job, didn't have money to go to the Physical Therapist, but did get away from the repetitive motion ouchiness it was causing. Fast forward a bunch of Spartan training later, and a new job. Suddenly, I'm at a computer all day, reaching for a mouse. Suddenly, I have shoulder pain again. FML. Time to go to the PT and get this fixed once and for all (they get to shock my shoulder and do some other scar-tissue-breaking up-stuff.). At least now, I have insurance! YAY. Downside, I found myself face-down in my living room, in real pain. Yes. I made that doctor's appointment.
While I would like to say that I STFU at that moment and moved on to do some more lower body stuff, and things that didn't tax my shoulder in the wrong way, I didn't. I was pretty bummed that this had reared its ugly head again. I thought I had rid myself of it by building up the other muscles. Apparently, not enough yet. And there's still that pesky scar tissue that complicates things. Ultimately, my workout for the day was sitting in a chair with my foot on an ice pack (preventative/healing), and another ice pack on my shoulder, feeling grumpy and having a small pity party.

Then, I woke up this morning - Spartan Shape-up, Day 113 - and decided I better make up for yesterday's ridiculousness. It was a run morning - the 3rd one out of 4 for this week. After a seriously frustrating run a couple days ago, I managed to get myself some sage wisdom from Sparta's own Sergeant Sedlak. I told Todd of my I-still-have-to-walk-woes, and he gave me a few tricks to try and combat them. Some of my favorites:
When I feel like I need to walk, picture the "Walk Monster" chasing behind me, and out run that bad boy. In fact, SPRINT a few yards, every time my legs get heavy and I feel like walking.
Also, as I feel my legs get really heavy (this is my biggest issue), start really pumping my arms to drive my stride... then suddenly, you find yourself forgetting about your heavy legs.
There was much more wisdom imparted on me the other night, but my brain is too tired to spew it all forth at the moment.
HOWEVER. I did run this morning. I pushed hard. I sprinted away from the Walk Monster. I alternated fast and slow sections, I pumped my arms like a crazy person.
Most importantly, I did a good job this morning.
Know how I know? Well... I still had to walk a few times, but there were much longer stretches in between, and there was one point  where, during a fast section toward the late middle of my run, I was pretty sure I was going to throw my life up. I walked at that point, convinced myself that THAT was not going to happen, and pressed on. I definitely had to have that conversation one more time with myself in my last .3 of a mile... Mostly because I was all like, "I will NOT revisit my breakfast, here, while waiting for a crosswalk at the busiest intersection in town, at 8 o'clock in the morning, while everyone and GOD is going through here to go to work."
To be really honest (don't you laugh, BlogLand!), I told myself to stand up straighter and try and look badass and sweaty while waiting for the light. Fake it, until you make it, right?

Net result, a relatively good run. Much less walking. No puking. I'm going to give you the stats now.... but, my freakin' GPS had a bit of a nervous breakdown at one point and tweaked out, so the stats are not as accurate as they should or could be. But, we'll get the gist (the distance is a guess):

Distance: 3.05 mi
Time: 34.22 min
Average Pace: 11:16 min/mi. 

So, while not my PR, it's definitely a step in the right direction. My PR is only 7 seconds faster than that. I feel like I did a good job, like my head was in the right place, and I had some tools to work with that I was able to call on to power through some rough patches.

Don't get me wrong, Blog... It was not easy. But in the ever-Yoda-esque words of my esteemed GT: Did someone tell you it was easy?
The answer is no, in fact, everyone told me this whole undertaking of my would be hard. Very, very hard. But here I am... 275 days away from the Goal Line.... just about a 3rd of the way there.

So, did I walk? Yes. I walked. Did I do everything possible in my power not to walk. Yes. I pushed and pushed until literally, my body would be like *slap* "WALK. NOW." The victory lies in pushing the bar just a little further... next time, a little further... until, Wowza! You're staring at my back, as I effortlessly trot by you. WAHA. Someday. ;-)

I should also make a comment on No Bread, Day 7. I made it. Officially ONE WEEK without bread, potatoes, rice and the like. Getting on the scale tomorrow morning for a check-in, and I suppose we will see how this is going... I went out to dinner with a friend last night, and the first thing that happened was that the waitress put down a giant basket of glistening, buttery rolls. The Cosmos tested me, I know it. I ordered eggs... no toast, and stared at the rolls the whole meal. Victory is mine! It's only got to get easier from here, right?

With that, I shall leave you with some prophetic words from Sergeant Sedlak:
The mind is stronger than the body. When you feel like you've got nothing left, could you lift it if your child was under it? Could you keep running if someone was chasing you? There is always a little more. Focus on your mental game. Gut check time.

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