Monday, November 14, 2011

“Through imagination, we can visualize the uncreated worlds of potential that lie within us.” ~ Stephen Covey

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 117:

Crazy Life day, today BlogLand. Nothing of particular note to report. After a big banana, a lot of stretching and copious amounts of groaning and whining, I almost felt like myself again this morning. My legs are back to 90% functioning. haha

Today, inadvertently turned out to be Rest Day, because it occurred to me that in order to get in my assigned workout schedule (Runs 4x/week, Crossfit 3x) I have to double up one day, in order to have a Rest. Ironic, I know. Conveniently, I have a buddy that wants to run with me tomorrow night after work... thus freeing up my usually workout Mornings. Waha! Looks like a perfect set up for a double-up workout day.

So, other than that... there's not too much to report, today.

Pretty excited to run with a buddy tomorrow night... it's going to be dark, but it's a new run-route for me, which will be welcomed. My run-buddy says there's a 3 mi and a 4 mi loop.... wondering how brave I feel with a buddy... hmm. We shall see. I am armed with a headlamp (we'll be running in town, but it will be after 7pm), and ready to roll. Woot!

No Bread is going pretty well. I'm finding that it's definitely getting easier. Not EASY, but easier. It's mostly bad when I see people eating stuff that I'd like ... but, I'd LIKE to get my weight-loss moving more that I'd like that toast/potato/cracker/etc. So I'm hanging in there. I stopped counting how many days I'm in, or have left... I just know that Day 50 (the end) is December 23. A great Christmas present to myself - a thinner, healthier me.

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