Tuesday, November 15, 2011

“It’s not the events of our lives that shape us, but our beliefs as to what those events mean.” ~ Anthony Robbins

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 118:

WHEW. BlogLand. It was my first Double-WOD day. Yep, that's right... DOUBLE Wod. As in I worked out 2x in the same day. Yep. Crazy-talk, I know... but I swear, this is not an Invasion of the Body Snatchers Moment or anything.... Just... what needed to happen. Isn't that weird how our life-view changes over time? Old Me would've been like WTF?! TWICE?

Anyway... This morning's WOD was a lovely Lifting/Swinging WOD. I was feeling particularly badass this morning; I upped the weight, beasted through it with little issue, and was generally feeling like I could move an entire building if I tried. WAHAHA.
This morning's WOD looked like this:

  • T-Handle Tabata Swings (25#): 8 rounds (15-16 swings/round)
  • DB Thrusters (22# DB's): 10 sets, 6 reps/set
Goal: Not more than 10 seconds rest between rounds. Check! I was a hot, sweaty mess but it felt great. Even though I added the extra weight to the T-handle, I felt like I had more than enough power to accomplish it. DB Thrusters, you'll see I did a couple more rounds than usual - I was just feeling good, and thought, WELL, if I can do it, I should! RAWR. 

Then, off to work I went (after an appropriate amount of preemptive stretching...). 

After work, I had scheduled a run with a run buddy. Run BUDDY. YEP! WOO! First time I got to run with another person. It was really nice... and actually, I had a really good run. Running with another person (particularly a person who could pretty well hold a conversation while running!) kept my mind busy and didn't allow me to get in my own head. Therefore... guess what happened? I just kept running. Competitive nature wouldn't let me 'rest' when I thought I wanted to... and then, oh wow... I found I didn't need to. I only stopped TWICE in the 3.09 miles that we ran. That was the best I've ever done. And quite frankly, in the scheme of things, I'm not sure I even needed to stop those two times. Maybe next time I'll try not to. Anyway... don't look too closely at the time, because it was slow and steady, but there were other victories. Here's what it looked like:
Time: 36:35 min
Distance: 3.09 mi
Ave. Pace: 11:50 min/mi
It was a bit skewed by the two times that we had to wait for cars to cross the street... but, it's all good. Next time, it'll be faster. And I won't need to walk. I have decided it will be so. 

I'm feeling good about things, today. No Bread is getting a little easier, WODs are feeling good, and like I'm making some breakthroughs (I totally just typed BREADthroughs, 2x. Uhm. yeah.), and moving forward. Tomorrow also begins the official regular addition of Crossfit a few times a week. OH my oh my. The only problem with that is that I have to Crossfit at 6:45am. This could be ugly... but, I'm trying to just not think about that, and instead think about how awesome I will feel afterward. 

And so... now, me and my tired, but happy muscles, who ALL got worked today I think, are going to bed. It's a good day. 

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