Friday, August 10, 2012

"It's never too late to become what you might have been." - George Elliot

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 386:

Oooooo, BlogLand!!!! It's RACE WEEKEND!!!

So, thanks to a company picnic, I'm out of work early and just about ready to get in the car to head down to Massachusetts for this weekend's Spartan Sprint in Amesbury.


Not that I'm not always excited for race weekends, but this one seems different, for a few reasons.

First, I'll be racing BOTH days this weekend. Extra Race Time, who doesn't love that? Also, I'm racing this weekend with some first timers, making sure they get through the course and watching their Awesome Realizations at the Finish Line (this is my favorite part. You really DO know at the finish line), as WELL as some of my favorite veteran Spartans. I am pretty sure you can't beat that either - the excitement and accomplishment of the first timers, coupled with the confidence, determination and experience of the experienced Spartans!

Also, I can't help but note that this is going to be a HUGE race, attendance-wise. Because of the location (Boston-area), the turnout seems like it's going to be incredible, with much of the Northeast Spartans representing and a number of Spartans travelling in from farther reaching areas. It's never to far when you're going to get muddy with friends and family you haven't met yet....

I'm REALLY excited because there seems to be a particularly strong representation coming from the Spartan Chicked group. Many first time "Sparkles" (Sparkle, n., a Spartan Chick who has not yet raced...) will be earning their mud this weekend, while so many of the infamous (hehe) ladies will be in attendance sporting the Pink and Black! My goal is to meet as MANY of them as humanly possible, because these ladies have been my inspiration, motivation and support system through some of the ugliest WODs and weakest moments. Pictures will be taken. Hugs will be dispensed.  (Let's see how many of you I can get up on the Blog in pictures with me, eh?!)

Having said that, how am I prepping?

Well, since I've been feeling a little extra worked in my legs this week, I made sure to take an ice bath after my last Sprint WOD, as well as spend a lot of time that night stretching and foam rolling. I've taken a couple of days off, where I've just been taking some brisk walks on my breaks at work, and more stretching and rolling in the evenings. I'm aiming to have my muscles in tip-top, ready to rock and roll shape by Saturday morning.

Also, what I've been paying attention to - equally as important as ice baths, WODs, stretching - is my hydration. LOTS of water this week. Making extra sure to get my daily required amount (about 3L). I'm driving today for a few hours, so I'll be sure to have my water bottle with me, to sip on as I go. One of your worst enemies on hot Race Weekends (so I've learned the hard way), is not being hydrated enough, as well as not fueling appropriately. Having said that, I've been eating clean, keeping my protein intake high and planned to have appropriate breakfast each day that I'm racing (because you just can't count on the hotel continental breakfast!).

OO... Random side note, my GT informs me there's going to be some great side challenges at the festival: a traverse wall, slosh pipe and a tire flip, to name a few. He wants me to check them out (because clearly, running both days isn't enough?! hehe), and I must say I find them intriguing.... Any idea how many overhead presses I can do with a slosh pipe?? Yeah. Me neither. Tire flip, though, I got you. I think I may have to leave the traverse wall challenge to my CG... speed on the tiny grips is not (YET.) my forte.

SO, BlogLand... here's the scoop, whether you're a spectator or a racer, there's an event not to be missed in Amesbury, MA this weekend. I'll be there ALL weekend (racing around 10:30am both days), milling around the festival, checking out the challenges and enjoying the shenanigans. Saturday I'll be sportin' the race outfit you always see me in - Pink and Black! - and Sunday, I'll be representing Spartan Race in a while logo top. Please come introduce yourself when you see me. Let's take pictures and swap mud stories. Spartans are just muddy family members you haven't met yet. ;-)

Weird Random Thought: When I started this whole Spartan Shape-Up, last July, this was my "goal" race. The big plan was to be in good enough shape to be able to crawl to the finish line of this Spartan Sprint in Amesbury. Wow. Barring any distasters (that's a lie, because even if I broke my leg, I know unequivocally, that my Spartans would buddy carry me to the finish line!), I know I will finish. This will be my 6th (?) Spartan.... And to think, a year ago, I wasn't sure I'd be able to stumble across the finish line, by now. 
Don't you just love it when a plan comes together? ;-) 


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  1. I wish I got to meet you Saturday. You probably passed me on the course. I was in 9:30 and some 10:30 racers did pass me. It was my first Spartan and it was more about finishing and not being concerned about time. It was an amazing experience! Hope you had good races.