Thursday, September 1, 2011

"There is never a better measure of what a person is than what he does when he's absolutely free to choose." - William M. Bulger

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 43:

Ah, Bodyweight Exercise Day. While I, admittedly, loathe this particular workout day of mine (I find it really weird that now, I would much rather go bust my ass on a run, than do this sort of thing...), I noticed some distinct progress today. I wasn't as fatigued, I was able to do more dips correctly (not the modified easier way), squeeze out a few more burpees without dying... you know, little things.

The WOD:

  • 300 turns (approx 5 minutes) of jump rope (I think I'm actually getting better at this!)
  • Squats (40)
  • Pushups (50) - Still on my knees. GRR. Real pushups, I'm gunning for you!
  • Split Squats (60) 
  • Chair Dips (40) - approx half of them done, unmodified! Yay!
  • Calf Raises (60)
  • Lunges (40)
  • Scissor Kicks (40)
  • Ball Crunches (80)
    .... AND.....
  • BURPEES (of Death). ... (10).   Yeah. Gotta work on those. LOL. 
So, I've been having trouble with my hamstrings of late, so some of these things (lunges, squats), I did a little bit less than usual. It feels good to warm up the muscles a bit, but until I sort out the soreness, etc. I need to go a little easy. (and yes, I do have an official "Rest Day" coming up.)

Today's quest, go acquire a 12", 3-4" diameter PVC pipe. 

Random, I know. However, it will be for the purpose of rolling out my hamstrings. Between some thoughts from my TG (Trainer Guru), and some great info from the ladies on the Spartan Chicked group, I have some new ideas. Even got a .pdf of the 'right' way to self-roll out my muscles, while looking less like a beaching whale and/or a turtle on it's back. Nice! 

OH, and nice little ancillary benefit of all this training: I was trying on some killer new heels for a wedding I'm in in a couple of weeks, and got a comment on my "amazing" calves, in those heels.  LOL. Thank you running, calf raises, etc. Who doesn't love another excuse to buy more heels?

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