Thursday, September 22, 2011

“There is no man living that can not do more than he thinks he can.” ~ Henry Ford

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 63:

Crushed my workout today, Blogland. Oh yeah I did. RAWR. Had to make up for yesterday's mood-crash a bit. Everyone's entitled to a little bit of a rough day, I had mine, I felt the need to come back with a bit of a vengeance.

Today's workout was t-handle swings and thrusters. I've determined that I equally love and hate this workout. This workout makes me feel powerful.... but I REALLY hate it, right about the last round of thrusters, while in the down squat position, with 40 odd pounds of iron waiting (no pun intended...) to go up.
Instructions from the GT for completing this workout were to go REAL HARD and fast. Something about this workout killing me. haha. Whatevs. Not dead yet. (Just feel like it, sometimes.) More concretely, I should be aiming for 20+ swings in 20 seconds. Yikes. A "comfortable" pace for these things is about 16. Seems close to 20, right? Yeah, no. You'd be surprised how hard it is to squeeze in a few more. My abs and triceps are even feeling the burn tonight, from fighting with momentum to get that swing back down.
Anyway, today's WOD:

  • T-handle swings (20sec on/10 rest), 22#  x9 sets. (SO close, I managed 19 swings in 20 seconds! I'll get you next time!)
  • Thrusters, 21# DB's, 6 reps x 6 sets

They key to these seems to be the short (it seems minuscule!) rest time. After this workout, which is deceptively Short & Deadly (I think that's what I'm calling this one, now), I am a real sweaty, panting mess. However, it's good stuff. Blistered my hands to high heaven (even with the taped handles!)... but I suppose one must sacrifice "pretty" hands for tough ones. LOL.

Following that, I jumped in the ice bath. It felt like the thing to do, between yesterday's run and today's swinging... Let's call it a pre-emptive strike. Oh yeah, and the Ibuprofen. LOL. Sometimes, you just need to help nature along.

Sat in my ice bath and took some satisfaction in knowing that I hadn't quit, despite yesterday's discouragement. Old me might've taken a "day off"... which would've then turned into 2... then 2 weeks... and then... well, you know how it goes.
GT gave me an excellent verbal bitch-slap last night (that was much needed...). While spewing about my mile time being the same (slow.) on flat as it is on the hill runs, I was all like: "WTF is with THAT?" .... to which he very matter of factly brings me back down to earth with another simple Yoda reply: "It's nothing, because you're not worrying about speed on your runs."
Touche. I am just supposed to be focusing on time and getting the miles out. A much-needed reminder that I need to slow down, not expect myself to be perfect out of the gate, and just keep building up to the next step. The current step, however, is NOT speed, so I have decided to turn off the speed updates on my tracking app, and put it out of my head. ONE thing at a time. One can not take over the world in a single day.

Tomorrow I'm headed back to Green Mountain Crossfit for a sort of demo-class, to get rolling in the gym, so I have that option for the winter. Excited, but terrified that Tiny Hercules (She's short, is set on kicking my ass, and a riot and a half. Love her.) may try and kill me. LOL.

OH, and it appears that I have a run-buddy for Friday! I've never run with a buddy before... that ought to be a good time. Perhaps the company will keep my mind off the time/distance, and push me through this plateau? Stay tuned, for these gripping adventures....

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