Friday, November 4, 2011

“Commit yourself to something bigger than yourself.” ~ Jim Rohn

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 107:

A much needed rest day, today, BlogLand. Whew! I think my muscles really really needed it. I'm feeling pretty good today - not sore or stuff or anything, so tomorrow's WOD should be up to speed.... and I'm thinking Sunday, if I don't find something fabulous to do otherwise, is going to be a nice "long" (for me) run.

Today is officially No Bread, Day 1. I am in a much better head space about that, than I was yesterday. I think there were just TOO many things going on in my head yesterday, and that just tipped the balance. Not to say I am not more than a little bit daunted by the task (I am). But I feel a lot better about my ability to get through it. Got a bit of a pep talk from one of my Spartan Chicks, and I'm feeling like maybe (just maybe) the world is not going to end, if I don't make cupcakes, or eat bread for a couple of months.

On which note, it's dinner time 'round here, and I'm going to go rustle myself up some sort of veggie-tastic, protein rich deliciousness....

Tomorrow, we do some sort of body-weight workout.... I hear a burpee coming on!

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