Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Rest when you're weary. Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit. Then get back to work." Ralph Marston

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 250:

Nothing too much to report today, BlogLand. Surprisingly, I am feeling 0% stiff or sore from yesterday's exertions. Am I in better shape? Is it my bionic exoskeleton? I dunno... All I know is that when I got out of bed this morning, I didn't feel like I was 90 years old and in need of a lot of stretching to get moving. WIN!

Today, was non-traditional (...which is odd, because all my wods are pretty non-traditional?) WOD day. Today was pull excavate a juniper bush from my front lawn, and relocate a rose bush. That doesn't sound like much you say?
Tools I used:
Pruners: 15 minutes, to even find the base of the juniper bush.
Grub Hoe: to bust up a lot of the roots and start prying that bitch out. (sorry. It's an evil bush that has caused much frustration in the last 8 months I've lived here.)
Axe: to chop the damn 10 year old root system that had gone crazy.

I also did some pulling to get it out of the ground, and worked on my squats while cleaning up the endless pile of brush I generated.

Moving on to the rose bush. The goal was just to relocate this one.

Fiskars shovel (ohhh yeah. It's a badass shovel): Dig. Dig more. Find out rose bush has root system embedded in my 100 year old foundation. Move to:
Grub Hoe: Sorry roots, we can't save you all. More swinging. Back to:
Fiskars shovel: We need a new hole for it to live in. Dig dig dig. Not deep enough for giant roots. More digging.
Replant rose bush.

Oh, wait, we have to fix the edging on the garden too?
Dig dig dig, shovel shovel shovel.
Bend. Squat. Move brush.

THEN, just for fun, jumped in the truck with the dad to take all his brush (AND mine!) to the landfill, where I then did push press throws with giant bundles of brush. Because I'm that cool. Rawr. haha

So... no. I didn't go to the gym. I didn't go for a run. But I think I got in a bit of an upper body WOD, and I definitely wasn't sedentary. I'll take that for a "lazy" Sunday!

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