Monday, April 9, 2012

"The first and the best victory is to conquer self." Plato

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 263:

Easter Sunday, BlogLand... I *almost* succumbed to the temptation to "call it a holiday," eat myself silly, full of chocolate eggs and jelly beans... but then I happened upon a quote online (which I am frustratingly unable to find at the moment)... It was a picture of a girl flipping a tire, and it simply said, "Holidays are for people that need them."
I decided right there that a) I did not want to have to run off chocolate eggs and jelly beans (I'm sure that'd have to be an extra 4-5 miles this week), and b) I did not need to celebrate a holiday with food, and c) just because it was a holiday, it did not mean that there wasn't 30 minutes or so to get a little movement in.
I STFU and got my butt in gear. Simultaneously, one of my friends was on FB, waffling about the same issue. Before my brain could catch up to my mouth, I told her - "I'll do a burpee for every minute that you work out!"

Where did THAT come from, brain?!

She heartily accepted, and I had found the motivation to begin my self-created WOD for the day. Here's how it went:

- 63 Push Ups (Still working through the One Hundred Push ups, App) on my knees.
- 60 Rows, with 25# dumbbells (30 per side). My back and tri's were starting to feel this one...

Then, to get my cardio moving a bit, I did the every popular,
100 KB (35#) Swings, For Time. Clocked in at 4 min, 55 sec. Pretty comparable to my last attempt, I believe. Boy those last 10-20 really suck, when you're trying to do that with any speed. Ewwww. Who wants to throw up after these? This kid!

Then, after I walked around, drank some water and recovered a bit, I moved onto my other favorite.... Pull Ups!
I have found an ingenious way to do these and work my legs at the same time. I need at least one foot on a stool to be able to work through these. So... I do 10 using one foot as a support, then 10 with the other foot, etc. This way, however many pull ups I do, I also (by proxy) end up doing some (one legged) pistol squats. Yeaahhh multitasking!
Ended up totaling 40 of these.

On to another favorite - Chair dips. My triceps were angry at me for this thought. But since yesterday was race day and my legs were tired... I decided it needed to be arm day today. Dips it was. I ended up doing it in sets like this: 10-10-5-5. Those last two sets are hard with all the body weight I'm still carrying. GRR.

I was officially a hot sweaty mess at this point, when my friend who also got her WOD on, on a holiday clocked in. She finished her WOD in 35 minutes. That meant 35 Burpees for me.

Up and down I went. 10, then 7, then in sets of 3-5, as I could. But I got it done. 35 burpees for an After Party. OH YEAH.

And, since I'm writing this on the following day, I can officially report in and note that my back/arms are unimpressed with yesterday's activities. Actually they're kind of like, WTF was that?! They hate upper body WOD's. So, just to spite them, I just did 10 more (assisted) pull ups. Take that t-rex arms.

I'm tired, so it's off to bed... but lesson of the day. There is no better time than now, to make a new start. So what if it is a holiday?

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