Saturday, May 12, 2012

"Sow an act, and you reap a habit; sow a habit, and you reap a character; sow a character, and you reap a destiny." -George Dana Boardman

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 295 & 296:

I managed to make it to one of my favorite CrossFit classes, today, randomly. Ever just have an instructor who you mesh with well? Like their motivational style just fits with what you need to hear? Yeah, I had a fun class today, even though I could barely walk, after. Here's what went down...

For "warm up" (Yes, my warm up IS your workout. hehe), we did sprint drills inside the gym. We'd do some jumping jacks, then sprint the length on the instructor's "Go!".  Do some push ups, then sprint the length of the gym, high knees then sprint, etc. There's nothing like getting your blood flowing in the first 2-3 minutes!

After that, we moved onto the Strength portion of the day's WOD (which I had not scoped out online the night before!). Prowler Pushes. Whew boy. You'll remember a few weeks back, I had my first experience with prowler pushes... but they were just one down and back, it was weighted, and pretty slow. THIS WOD was a whole new idea. We formed two lines - one behind each sled - making teams of 4. Then it was a 10 minute AMRAP, or round robin of Prowler-Push sprints. Down the parking lot and then back up (slow hill!) the parking lot. The sled was unweighted (trust me, it gets heavy fast, and it still has all the drag), and the task was to just go as fast as possible. Your "rest" time came while the other three people were taking their turns.

I learned it DOES NOT PAY to be on the team with the fast, crazy-in-shape people. They take MUCH less time to complete their pushes, thus you are definitely not recovered by the time it is your turn.

My first few rounds (maybe first 3-4?) were pretty impressive if I do say so myself. Kept up with the boys (I was the only girl!), kept my team neck in neck with the other team, and generally was feeling pretty strong, using my tree-truck legs and booty-by-squats to keep that thing moving.

... but it was starting to get heavy. Or the big muscles in my legs were starting to be done. Or both. Probably both.
After round 4 or so, I was panting pretty good, but recovering... but my legs were feeling a little jelly like. When round 5 came along, I was okay to lean low into the sled and push it, but then when I went to stand up and walk away... it got ugly.

No joke, BlogLand... Prowler Pushes rendered me unable to competently walk. Oh, I completed my rounds, yes I did. Shannon (the trainer) was yelling at me, "You're not going to let those boys beat you! He's right behind you!"... and I kept at it. Last round (THANK GOD), I stood up started to walk, and literally had to just stop and stand for a minute, because my legs were just wobbly.

... and this was only PART ONE.

Better still, we had to walk up stairs to get back into the gym, to get some Kettlebells for the next part of the WOD.... and I had a moment where I wasn't sure I was going to be able to make the stairs. It was like trying to stand when your foot is asleep. You know that feeling when you know your limb is THERE... but if you put weight on it, it might collapse? That's what my legs were feeling a bit like.

It was real ugly. I did manage to pick up my kettlebell (only 22#, because I wasn't sure what the hell my legs were doing...) and get it back outside, being REAL careful on the stairs (wobble. wobble wobble.).


Four Rounds, for time:
10 one-arm KB snatches per arm
200m sprint

Typically, that seems like NOTHING, right? Yeah. Try doing that after Prowler pushes. My body was having none of that. It was the longest 4 rounds of my life... mostly because each time I went to run, I wasn't sure of my legs (by the last round or so it was better).
Finished in: 7:29. Not the fastest time in the class, but a solid middle finish. Chicked some guys!

I can not tell you how happy I was to just sit down in my car after this. That's how I know it's been a good day at the gym, when I feel that I have really earned just simply sitting for a few minutes.

Day 296:

Today I woke up a weeeee bit sore, I will admit. My hamstring had been cranky last night (nothing a little ice won't fix), and my lower back/hips (I think "posterior chain" would be the technical term), were stiff all day today. That WOD seemed so simple... but yikes.

I was tempted to get lazy today, as my work buddies weren't able to run as planned. BUT, I've been fueled with some new-found motivation and I called up my Up-the-hill running buddy and figured out she still needed to stretch her legs, too. Got my sneakers on. Afterall, "The Hardest Step for a Runner is the First One, out the door." and now I had someone waiting on me!

An "easy 5k" turned into about 4.5 miles of various pace. A straight run, some hill work, random sprints, and some just good, old fashioned right foot, left foot. I can not emphasis enough how helpful it is to run with a buddy. My calves were cramping like crazy, and I wanted to stop. But my buddy didn't. So.... I ran through it and Voila! Calves eventually just chilled out.

It felt good. I still felt fresh at the end of it, and I was still eyeballing potential "obstacles" to climb up, through or around. hehe

With that, I take my leave... My gym is running a Bring Your Buddy to WOD day, and offering a fun team-oriented WOD. There was mention of slack lines and/or CABER TOSSES.

.... I am so excited I can't stand myself.

I bet YOUR CrossFit box doesn't do Caber Tosses!!! hehehehehe

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