Wednesday, June 6, 2012

You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club. - Jack London

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 322:

CrossFit Day, BlogLand! Yay! I am ready to officially admit that I may have drank (drunk?) the Kool-Aid... I love me some CrossFit. Not to mention, I consider myself extremely lucky to have access to a local CrossFit gym (Shout out to Green Mountain Crossfit at The Confluence!), because all the instructors there are knowledgeable and supportive, as well as creative (who doesn't love a crazy outside WOD on the weekends?!). I could never go back to a "normal" gym again. No pink dumbbells (... unless they're heavier than 20 pounds...) for this Chick.

Anyway, walking into the gym, greeted by Hello's from familiar faces, I squared up in front of the WOD board, and checked out the plan for today. HMmmm.... Seemed Do-able and not *too* terrifying.

First, we got our Warm Up on:

Today's warm up was 3 x (200m run/row/ski, 10 wall balls, 10 hanging shrugs). Everyone immediately jumped for the rowers and Ski-Ergs, which confused me a bit as it was a perfectly lovely day outside. Out the side door I went to get in my first 200m. I also discovered on my run back (out 100, back 100), I'd be running a slight uphill. Who doesn't love a little added difficulty. But HEY... I had just run up and down a ski mountain climbing obstacles this weekend... a 100m slight grade should be alright. Then, I knocked out the wall balls no problem, and on to the hanging shrugs. While shrugging away, my instructor came over and we laughed about the beat-up craziness that is my elbows right now. He says, "Road Rash?" I say, "No... Spartan Race."  He laughed, but knew exactly what I was talking about - he completed the Beast last year, and is coming back for more this year, with a team from my CF gym.

A couple more uneventful rounds, and we were on to the main part of our WOD:

... But first, there was a Buy In. In CrossFit land, a "Buy In" could be thought of as Warm-Up 2.0. Like you're already warmed up, but this could be a little skill work, or more difficult warm up, etc.
Today's Buy In was an 800m (1/2 mi) run. We have a single-track outside path to run on, so everyone was trying to figure out who the "speedy" people were going to be. Weirdly, I was elected to be towards the front - right behind the gazelle-legged ladies and the super-tall giraffe legged guys. I took this as a compliment, and to my surprise, kept up. Although, I will admit, I had some incentive. As we were 2/3 way done our run, I knew I was slowing down a little bit, and I could feel the lady behind me creeping up on me. She was working hard (I could hear her breathing!), but she seemed to be gaining ground (It was a little bit like a horror movie, as the breathing got closer...). From the top of the course I hear the CF Instructor yell, "AJA!!! You're not going to let her PASS you, ARE YOU?!".... well, if that doesn't light a fire under your ass. I ran and completed my 800m... in front of Heavy Breather Lady. WAHA. (In all seriousness, Thank you, lady running behind me. You brought a great challenge to me. Thanks for not letting me slack!)

With the clock running (did I mention this WOD was "for time"?), we trotted back into the gym to begin the main portion of the WOD:

100 Double Unders (or 300 Jump rope singles.)
20 Pull Ups
30 Thrusters
20 Pull Ups
100 Double Unders ( or 300 Jump rope singles.)

For me, I have not yet perfected the double under. I'm GETTING there... but for today's purposes, I was single jumping all the way. All the way to 300. Uuuugghhh.

Pull ups were the usual hell... I strapped my black band (the heavy duty one) to the bar, and got after it. I've found that the first 10 I can knock out consecutively with the assistance of a band.... but after that, I'm reduced to 3-4 at a time, and sometimes even 2-3 at a time. 20 pull ups that way can feel like a WHOLE lot.

I was thankful to move onto Thrusters. Something I can DO. I loaded up my bar - 55#. I almost went to 65#, which was the prescribed women's weight for this WOD, but I won't lie... I got a little scared. I underestimate my ability to do prescribed. For this WOD, it would've slowed me down marginally, but I probably should've gone for it. I managed the 55# very well at a steady pace, which indicates to me that perhaps I could've gone harder. Although, it is always my stupid upper body that gives out first. The squat part of the thruster, no problemo. Then you have to put that thing over your head. Ugh. Angry shoulders.

Nonetheless, I got it done (heaviest women's weight in the class, today. Aroo!), and went back to Pull Up Hell. SOMEDAY these will be easier. Someday. And by "easier" I just mean that I will be strong enough to handle them.
Finally, back to the jump rope and everything completed in just under 22 minutes. Yay!

Another successful WOD down, another day living a Spartan-Strong life.... and to bed I go.

Remember people... Sleeping is as important to your training as lifting heavy things or running (... she reminds you all, as she's still blogging at 1am... geesh.).

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