Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Mountains do move... One stone at a time."

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 73:

It's a rainy, early fall day here in Vermont... 45-50 degrees, with a steady drizzle. AND, a good day to bust out my first run in the rain! I was a little bit apprehensive, as well... it seemed cold. And wet. However, I Spartaned up, and put my sneakers on. Had a bit of restless energy today that definitely needed a more productive outlet than just spinning around in my head, too.

So, let me say the first few minutes was, in fact, a bit chilly. That did seem to work to my advantage though - got me moving right along, thinking "fast feet" and plowing through the rain. Even started having a bit of fun jumping puddles and bounding up curbs. I am pretty sure most of the cars were aiming for the puddles next to me, but EH. I came to the conclusion that you're either going to be wet with sweat and hot and sticky... or you're going to be wet with rain/puddles... and at least then you don't feel hot and sticky. haha.  AND, my god, I LOVE my shoes. My Inov-8, f-lite 130's are AWESOME. Awesome, I tell you. I inadvertently splashed through a few puddles, etc. and my feet never felt waterlogged or anything. No wet/friction blisters or anything. Apparently, you DO get what you pay for!! (I can't ever buy cheap sneakers again!)

Anyway, Today's Run stats:

Time: 34.32
Distance: 3.09
Average min/mile: 11.04

OH yes, you read that right. 11.04!!!!! What is that? THAT is 15 seconds faster than my last PR!! YEAH running in the rain! I'm pretty excited about that. I was really feeling like I was never going to get faster... and while that wasn't the focus, it's still a frustrating thing. I did keep in mind something the Spartan chicks use as advice: "If you want to run faster... run faster." Yep, that simple.

I still feel like I could do it a little better... Unfortunately, when I pick up the pace like that and push, I struggle to not have tiny walk breaks - or at least reaaaallll slow jog breaks. If I go slower, I can run the whole thing. BUT, I think that it'll get there. Today felt better than the last time, as evidenced by the time, I would say. I was able to run more consistently. My goal is to be able to run that 11 min/mile (like today, more or less), but run - without walking at all - the whole thing. Soon.

So, glad I ran today. Was a little tough to get rolling today, with the grey skies and everything... but WAHA. Today, conquered!

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