Friday, October 7, 2011

"Pain in weakness leaving the body..."

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 78:

OW, BlogLand, OW.
Yes, I was (as predicted) a bit sore in the back and shoulders today... but that good kind of sore that lets you know you found some muscles to work that haven't been challenged in a while. The good sore.

Recognizing the shredded "good sore" that was my upper body today (yeah, reaching for a mouse all day. ouch.), I was glad it was Run Day, today. See, I'm an equal-opportunity fatigue machine. Why not go for total body overhaul? Lol.

So, out I go on my run ... it was brisk out. My goal was to keep a steady pace, nothing fancy, but no walks and try and add some mileage. I started out well, strong, steady and a bit slow... but feeling good. Felt even better when I was coming up on a girl (maybe...20?) who was obviously working on the running thing... I could see her in the distance... Run... run... walk... run... walk.. run ... run....  and I immediately identified. As I closed in on her (I was running steady! Yay!), I was able to pace her for about a block and a half.... It was like staring myself in the face. And I remembered how helpful other people had been to me, so I made sure to egg her on, give her some encouragement and a big smile as we turned separate corners. Good stuff. Powered me on for a while.

Then mile 2 arrived. While I typically start feeling my calves around mile 2, it's not generally an issue. Today, it felt off. Kept running slow, steady pace. More off. Then.... bang. Calf seized into that giant, hard knot that I am oh-too-familiar with. A slow run was more comfortable (than walking) and got me through the last of my run and home.... but OW. It is not good. I haven't had my calf take such vengeance on me in months. It's been good! Even through calf raises and other weird craziness... all this running, everything. Today, it locked up solid. I am currently feeling as though my right calf is about 6 inches shorter than my left calf, and it's REAL angry. I'm formally walking with a hitch in my giddy-up, because it HURTS. Not like, ooo... I worked out today hurts.... but, ooo, I have to go down a set of stairs, and it causes me to physically wince and hobble. GRR.

Nothing to be done, except do it all - ice, heat, bath, water, bananas - and hope that something kicks in, soon. Major OW, Batman. Perhaps it's time to hit up the doc and get my potassium thing checked out again. *sigh*. GRR. Genetics, I love/hate you!

Anyway, today's miles looked like this:

Time: 43.09
Distance: 3.19
Average pace: 11.45 min/mi

Bleh. I'm not happy with that, but my effing muscle didn't leave me much choice. GRRRRR. I hate having my progress impeded by  my body's own unwillingness to get on board.

But, miles on my sneakers are miles nonetheless. I actually did kind of enjoy running in the cold, and I did well today keeping a steady (if slow) pace, where I didn't need to walk hardly. Go me.

With that... I'm off to massage my leg more, and try and sleep... Tomorrow, we t-handle Swing!


  1. Way to stay strong and work through the pain. The blog title is a motto we lived my in the Marines, and it's truth. Your progress is motivating. Keep it up!

  2. Hey John!
    Thanks for the thoughts! It is nice to hear that perhaps I can serve as a little motivation, where so many of you all in BlogLand have provided me so much inspiration to do this and follow through.

    PS> "Mud Ops"... Very cool! :-)