Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"We acquire the strength we have overcome." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 82:

So, WHAT a most excellent day today, BlogLand.

Perhaps I should first justify my absence for the last couple of days? Let's just say I was doing my own patented WOD's, named "Debauchery" and "Recovery".  Sometimes, everyone needs a weekend (and a ragingly good one, it was. :-) )

THAT said, I think that my legs may have benefited from the extra time off, because today was Run Day. The notorious calf-cramp had subsided, I was feeling good (Well... 90%. My prone-to-rolling from a slew of old injuries ankle was a wee bit twingy from some portion of this weekends specialiazed "Wod's"... lol... But it was Kinesio-taped-up and ready to roll. No pun intended.).

I decided to mix it up today, as I REALLY wanted to bust out of this 3-ish mile bubble I've been stuck in, and hit the 4mi. I was determined to do it before the end of this long weekend. Thus, I went up to a run spot that I've been meaning to try for a while. It's a popular place with the locals, as it features a lovely 5ish (I think?) mile dirt road loop around a scenic pond. However, included in this loop are a well-used 2.2mi long "flat side"... and then the notorious "back side" (ie, is a whole lot of serious up and down hills) of the pond. I've walked this spot many times (the entire loop), but decided that if I was going to go for my 4 miles, this might be an excellent place to do it. Why? Well, to be honest, because it would be an out-and-back run (not a loop, like I do in the city), there is no option but to do the whole thing; No chance at rationalizing why I should do less distance, cut off a block or anything. I wanted to leave no potential variable unaccounted for. Plus, I thought the new spot might give me some new scenery to look at (which was scenic and foliage filled, mind you!) and distract me from my slight trepidation at running that distance.

SO, without further ado, let me give you today's Run Stats:

Time: 46.52
Distance: 4.15 miles (YESSSSS!!)
Average Pace: 11:17 (Not so bad, all things considered.)

And so... I did it. I just ran (a new PR!) more miles than I've ever been able to run in my whole life. Or could even conceive of running, to be honest. The equivalent of a 5K always seemed trainable, manageable, as there are so many success stories of people doing that... but mileage over that always seemed really intimidating. TODAY, I ran a full mile more than a 5K. I probably could've even done more (My legs were feeling good!). I did walk 2x, but both "breaks" were about 15 seconds a piece. I don't know why that helps (because I don't feel like my breathing is an issue), but it does. 5-10 Walk steps, and I'm good to go again. And hey, for a 'non-runner' to bust out 4.15 miles, with only a total walk time of maybe 30 seconds, I'm going to count that a resounding success!

I'm proud of myself today. That was a very large mental wall I just busted through (with no shortage of encouragement from the GT, and some tough love from the Spartan Chicks "just suck it up and do it!").

I think my focus this week, as I bring Week 12 of the Spartan Shape-Up to a close (WOW. Right? 12 weeks!!), is to really get more of a handle on the eating/weight loss portion of things. I still have a ways to go... (I'm about 65# down, with at least another 40# to go... yikes.) and I need to work myself off this particular plateau. The mantra for this week, Mindful Eating. (... keeping in mind, less carbs, more protein, and no unnecessaries!)

Now, I have a date with a couple of ice packs (I'm thinking I may be a bit sore tomorrow, and I should've planned for a long soak in an ice bath...), and then bed. Tomorrow, we get the last Crossfit OnRamp class out of the way!

OH, and before I forget... This week, I intend to sign up for my first 5K. Going to run it by myself, if need be (perhaps I'll be sporting a hot new Mud Mafia shirt...). HOWEVER, if anyone would like to join me and have a lovely scenic jog in VT the last weekend of this month:

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