Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." ~Albert Einstein

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 208:

Since my quads have seized up completely (slight exaggeration), I thought I'd sit down and write tonight's post, BlogLand.

It all started with a well-meaning intention... but as they say, "The best laid plans of mice and men..."
So, I was working an early shift at work today, allowing me to get out early, and make it to the gym to do my run on the treadmill... which would be a nice change and a great luxury to not have to run outside in the COLD. I packed my gear in the morning, and away I went.

Getting to the gym tonight, I geared up and walked into the equipment room that has the bikes and treadmills. As I set foot onto one treadmill, I was informed by one of the two ladies in the room that I couldn't use the treadmill... apparently there was a 'group ride' scheduled for that time slot (last minute change), and the treadmills were too noisy..... but she told me I was more than welcome to join, if I wanted.

We eyed each other skeptically. I'm sure she thought I didn't look like a "cyclist" ... and I was trying to decide what kind of new hell this was going to be. Because OH YES, I was doing it. Why? Mostly because I needed to get my WOD in, and she looked at me like I couldn't. Had to prove someone wrong.

She explained to me it was an "endurance ride" today... The three of us would do four segments of 5K (3.1 miles) hard. In between those, you were allowed to rest (but keep peddling) at a slower speed/less resistance for 5 minutes. The idea was also to maintain or improve upon your 5K time, each round.

How bad could it be?

Plus, it was behind a closed door, and there were only three of us... if I died, the shame would be minimal. haha

I mounted the crazy high-tech bike.... seriously... what happened to streamers, baskets and ones you backpeddled to stop??

Off we went... My ride looked something like this (I can't remember exacts, but):

Interval 1: 10 min 5K
Interval 2: 5 min "rest"
Interval 3: 9 min 5K
Interval 4: 5 min "rest"
Interval 5: 8:30 min 5K
Interval 6: 5 min "rest"
Interval 7: 8:10 min 5K

It was an odd workout.... I didn't find myself breathing all that hard, but my legs were feeling the effort... particularly the last 1/2 mile. Holy Moly. That was the longest half mile EVER. My legs were burning. My quads, in particular, felt like they were circulating acid. But, I was not going to be defeated by a BIKE, when I hadn't died by Kettlebell, tire, med ball, burpee, etc.

At the end of that (approx 50 minutes), I got off the bike. My ass was pretty numb, but my legs still felt okay. I guess all that running has certainly helped in more areas than I thought!

However... I find myself at home, absentmindedly massaging the (quad?) muscle just above and to the inside of my knee. OW. That muscle is tired. And is working on sore, pretty quickly.

While this was not the WOD I planned for today... I'm considering this one a success. I tried something I've never done before (even though I was a little apprehensive to do it....), and I did it to the best of my abilities. Which, all things considered, was pretty good. I had some decent times, rode with a respectable resistance, and felt like I could still walk when I got off the bike. VICTORY!

Now, BlogLand... not to worry. I don't forsee myself doing that too often. I wasn't so much a fan of the bike. It was nice to mix it up... but I'm not sure that needs to be a regular thing. But hey, never say never.

In the meantime, thank you, Cosmos, for dropping me into a random cycling class, to further challenge my boundaries, limitations and abilities. I never thought I would be caught DEAD in a situation like that...

With that... I sleep. Valentine's morning run tomorrow. Think I might drive a town over just to see the decorations as I run....

... that is, if my quads are still functional in the morning... HMM.

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