Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Involuntary Rest Day...

Argh. Yesterday, I was out of town, running around Provincetown, Ma. with my roommate, so there was no exercise. There were, however, LARGE blisters acquired. Argh. I figured this wouldn't be a huge issue, particularly after I plastered my heels with these *giant* squishy band aids. Yeah, well, I strapped on my new sneakers (more on that in a min), really excited (wtf ?!) to go for a run this evening.... definitely a no-go. OW. OWWWWWW. OWWWWW. I tried. I put on squishy socks. I tried my old sneakers. Definitely not. The giant nickel-sized blisters have won, today. Grr. Tomorrow, then. Damn you blisters! You've won the battle, but not the war!!

It is doubly annoying, as I have my new running/crossfit sneakers to try out. I got the Innov-8 f-lite 230's. They're of the new, minimalist running shoe variety. They are oddly comfortable, despite not having much in the way of cushioning. I am really excited to see how a run goes with them. My next run is supposed to be a 20 minute straight go... Is it weird that I'm actually really eagerly anticipating giving that a go? Woo! I'm pumped. Hopefully, tomorrow the blisters will allow it.

Anyway, stay tuned... :-)

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