Tuesday, August 30, 2011

“The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win.” ~ Roger Bannister

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 41:

It's Lifting Day, peeps. Still feeling awesome from yesterday's success in my run, which definitely helped me push on, today. I'm still sore in my gluteus medius (I think, perhaps?); although this doesn't seem to effect the running, it does effect lifting days. Particularly during exercises like Thrusters, where I'm squatting weight. Yeeeouch. It just feels tight, and stiff, and a little sore... but not like pain. Does that make sense? Anyway, that said, here's what I was up to, today:

5 rounds, with two 21 lb. dumb bells of:

  • Bent Rows x6
  • Upright Rows x6
  • Military Presses x6
  • Good Mornings x6
  • Split Squats x6
  • Thrusters x6
  • Deadlifts x6
I must admit, after 4 rounds, I was like... hmm... can I be done? My muscle was sore, and I was feeling it. Then, I thought to myself... well, it was sore when I got up this morning, it was sore yesterday... it's probably just going to take time to heal, and what I'm doing isn't making it worse. SO... STFU, and push through it. Thus, I managed 5 rounds today. I am looking forward to a little more Aleve and some more Tiger Balm, in hopes of cooling it down a bit. I also posted to my ladies on the Spartan Chicked message board, in hopes that they might have some suggestions for my tight hamstrings/soreness. 

Alright. Feeling good today! Energized from my successes! OH. Today was weigh-in day... *drumroll*... I'm down 2.2, to bring me to (yes. I'm going to say it out loud, for accountability) 222.7. My next tiny goal is to chase down something under 220. Yeehaw. On my way. 

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