Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Fear is part of the process. If you weren't scared, you'd be in trouble." ~ Bruce Jenner

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 141, 142 & 143:

Dear BlogLand. I swear I haven't been slacking. It has just been a busy/mentally-challenging few days.

Wednesday's Crossfit workout left me completely incapacitated in my upper body. Major stiff and sore. DAMN YOU PULLUPS.  I was still sore on yesterday, and even today, I can feel the stiff sore at the bottom of my bicep when I try to straighten/stretch out my arms. CLEARLY I have identified a weak point that needs to be challenged more. I'm contemplating which over-the-door pull-up bar I'm going to buy with my next paycheck, so I can start working on this more, from home. After chatting with the GT, apparently, I also need to practice just "hanging". I was like, uhm... wtf? But apparently, while we are considering the Spartan Race obstacles to overcome, Monkey Bars is one of the most challenging for me, I anticipate. He says it it my grip/strength ability that will help/hinder me the most there... which I can work on by just hanging and holding my bodyweight for periods of time. I can just see it now... Watching TV... Everyone's sitting on couches, easy chairs... I'm hanging in a doorway.... OH geesh.

Speaking of Spartan Race Obstacles.... I DID IT. I am OFFICIALLY registered for The New England Spartan Sprint in Amesbury, MA. in August. They have my money. I am committed.  The GT seems to think that I will be ready to go for some of the Spring Sprints, but that one in August is my GOAL race, so I will be attending that and taking names, either way.

I'm not going to lie, BlogLand, when I signed up for that race and clicked "submit," I felt a little bit nauseous. Like, what did I just DO?! *insert anxious, self-doubting, freak-out* However, what's done was done, and I reminded myself that it was what I wanted, and if I had already come this far.... So. A little pep talk was needed... but my GT helped with that, and I surfed my Spartan Chicks group for some inspiring motivational posts... and took a deep breath. All would be well.

Then I got excited. LOL. I started plotting what other races I could do. I am also very much looking forward to travelling to some of the races. Going to have to get THAT schedule in early so that my work doesn't slap me in the face when I give them the list of Friday's that I need off to travel to races. haha

In other news, No Bread has been a bit tricky lately. With the holidays upon us, there's been a lot of cookies around, goodies, etc. Yesterday, my office ordered my favorite - Buffalo Chicken Pizza - and I wanted to die inside a little bit. I WANTED PIZZA. However, I stuck to my guns. No bread. I ate my turkey/salad lunch. Somewhat angrily, I admit.

However, today I got on the scale, for a check-in that I haven't done in a while. I am: 213.4 pounds. That means I have lost just about TEN POUNDS since November 4th, by doing this No Bread Challenge. Yeehaw!! Maybe a big change was just what I needed to get my metabolism running again. I'm hoping to be under 200 by the time I go on my annual vacation (to the Carribean, in March!).

So... Things are good. Getting better. I think I just needed a day or two off to rest my brain and de-stress a bit.

Tomorrow, I'm travelling to a 5K race in Massachusetts.... After I expressed my thought that I was really aiming to get a new PR - Under 34 minutes and/or no walks - my GT informs me that we're going to do it. I am mildly afraid of what he might have in mind, but looking forward to having the extra support that might get me over this hump.

Stay tuned, tomorrow will be a Race Recap - and a new PR! Cross your fingers....

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