Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Great hopes make great men." - Thomas Fuller

Spartan Shape-Up, Day 157, 158 & 159:

Dear BlogLand... I'm sorry, I have totally been slacking on the Blog-time. The holidays have been... a tumultuous time. However. On to the WOD's... no need to dwell on the craziness.

Day 157, Saturday, Christmas Eve:
It was a run day, and I was determined to make time for it, despite it being Christmas eve.
It looked like this:
Time: 38:18 minutes
Distance 3.69 miles
Ave 10:22 min/miles
I think imapmyrun is a little off there, somehow... as in, I think the GPS screwed up my mileage a little (which would make my average a little skewed...)... but. WHATEVER. The important thing is that I got out and run. And was pretty effing cold. I swear, BlogLand, I really *need* some official winter running gear. Up to this point, it's been pretty mild running, and I've gotten by with some creative layering... but, I'm starting to feel like that's not going to be the case, in another few weeks, and I have some lofty goals to stick to.
Seriously. I *need* to find some money in the budget for these things. Yikes. BRR.

Day 158, Sunday, Christmas Day:

I had big intentions for this day. I did. It was going to be a long-run day. I was up early, I was planning on it... I had worked it into cooking time and everything.... but then I looked outside. It was single digits (pre wind chill), windy and precipitating various forms of snow/sleet/rain.... I then evaluated my (non-existent) winter running wardrobe, and found it seriously lacking. Like, not in the just buck up and deal with it sort of way... but, I would've been seriously cold, in the absence of appropriate gear. Up to this point, winter has been really pleasant, but it seems to be coming back with a vengeance.
Sooooo.... No run. I probably should've done a little something inside as a WOD... but, I decided that surviving my family was going to be exhausting enough.

Day 159, Monday:

And now we make it to Crossfit Day! Again, we had a holiday off from work, so I was going to try and get in that long run... but the weather is really an issue. I think this week, with the paycheck, I'm going to have to "make" there be a little extra money for some winter running tights, to start.

However, I DID make it to Crossfit tonight, with a lot of pent up (not-so-positive) energy, ready to crush the workout.
What was really cool is that there were only two of us in the class tonight, so it was like a personal training session!
It went like this:

Warm Up: 3 Rounds Of.......
  • Ski 250 M
  • 10 Wall Balls (yes, thank you, I DO have excellent Wall-Balls!)
  • 10 Burpees

  • Deadlift: 5-5-5-5 @ 70%, 1 RM

So, I've never really worked towards a 1 rep max, yet, at this point... SO, since we had such a small group, tonight's instructor decided we should see where I was at, in that capacity. I enjoy this particular instructor, as he is less.... cautious... than the others. I did a few light, to make sure my form was in a good place, and then we piled on the weight. THAT was exactly what I needed tonight. Somewhere to put my energy. Let me just say, I hit an excellent PR for the evening.... Not sure I could do that on any other day, or if I could do it regularly... but I DID it. It's amazing where emotions will get you. Channel them into something good.

Then, we did the WOD:

  • Max Box Jumps, 5 Min. (16" box) (76, total, I think...)
  • Max Pull-Ups, 4 Min. (jumping pull ups, for me) (somewhere between 60-70, ish...)
  • Max Double-Unders, 3 Min. (singles, for me, divided by 3) (270=90)
  • Max Push-Ups, 2 Min. (knees) (not a lot... 25-30ish?)
  • Max Ring Rows, 1 Min. (another 30ish maybe?)
* Record total reps: 357!!!

Soo.... I did good. I pushed. HARD. Shannon (the giant 6'4" CF instructor guy), I think caught on to where I was at tonight, and was after me anytime I started to slow down. Military style - Are you DONE? You're not GIVING UP, are YOU? JUMP! JUMP! PULL.... 10 more SECONDS. DO IT. 
I know it sounds ridiculous, but I work well with that sort of motivation. Telling me I can't, or daring me to is extremely motivating. 

The box jumps I handled well... I aimed to keep a good steady rhythm, for the whole 5 minutes. Success!

Pull ups... WELL. I worked at those. I did jumping pull ups... which was pretty challenging, after doing 5 minutes of box jumps.... Plyo is my nemesis, but I got it done. I feel like I made a respectable number of them, too. We'll see how my shoulders are feeling tomorrow!

Jump rope is a comfortable, known quantity for me. I can bust that out pretty well. Again, MORE PLYO, though... WHEW. 

Then we got to the real evil time...Push ups, which I find grueling on the best of days. That slowed me down, for sure. Uuuugghhh... It was really when Shannon started reminding me to go ALL the way to the floor, that I knew I was in trouble. OUCH. *insert quivering arms*

Although, then, we ended with a lovely set of Ring Rows. I can do anything for a minute. Rawr. And ring rows aren't that bad, thankfully.

 Finally, we got to the:After-Party: (because my arms weren't shot yet!!)
15 Toes2Bar .....

Yeahhh.... about that. I gave it a good go, I swear I did. I got my knees to my elbows several of the times. I just don't QUITE have that kind of strength. Particularly after a whole bunch of other stuff. 
I made a valiant effort though.... 

THAT said... it's time for bed. I'm supposed to be up early for a run tomorrow, and I'm already up WAY TOO LATE. 

Tomorrow's run goal: 3.75 - 4 miles. I may have to make a couple of extra loops around town for that, but I officially have to add more mileage, per the GT. 

He is apparently convinced that I will be running 10 miles, in somewhere around 3 weeks. ....... and he hasn't been wrong yet... sooo..... Here goes nothing.... (PLEASE let it not be too cold in the morning!)

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